K9 Hijinx

RunningDogOkay, M@ reminded me of a story.  Back when I was in K9, when things were “in black and white” as a snarky friend once observed, a handler from a nearby agency told me about something that happened to him one night.

It seems that at this particular department, they found a novel use for the K9 teams.  During narcotic buys-busts, a handler and dog would be hidden in the trunk of the undercover car.  When the narc dicks up front had completed a drug deal, they would give a short honk on the horn and, Surprise!, the K9 team would pop out to apprehend any runners.  Sounds fun, right?

One muggy Florida night, the handler was sweating his (fill in the body part) off in the trunk.  Remember, dogs don’t cool by perspiring, they pant.  Anyway, blind and mostly deaf in the non-passenger compartment, the officer-half could hear a deal in progress.  The dog was just panting.

While the pharmaceutical negotiations were taking place, the UC car got made and a crowd gathered.  The handler could hear a commotion outside. Suddenly, a few rocks were thrown.  Boom, boom!  as rocks pelted sheet metal.  The UC driver gassed it to escape.

Back in the hot box, the handler thought the car had been hit by gunfire and they were now fleeing for their lives.  He told me that in a moment worthy of an episode of Scooby-Doo, he and his canine partner held on to each other for dear life!  Roh-Noooo!  They bounced around, trapped and helpless.

Several blocks away, the UC’s pulled over and opened the trunk lid.  Of course, the pooch jumped out happily.  The handler then clambered out and stalked off.  F—ck this, he snorted.  And it was the last time their unit ever did that kind of detail…



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