Range Time!

imageBlueSheepdog Richard and I went to the range yesterday to match fingers to triggers for some R&R.  I take any time I can to align the sights and press the bang switch. I brought my SCCY CPX-2 and a new Glock G27 Gen 4, which will be my carry gun in detectives.  Richard unpacked a Sig Sauer P290RS, a Bersa BP9CC, and, most intriguing, a Double Tap “two shooter” in .45 ACP/9mm.

The photo above, taken expertly by Richard, is of me touching off the ported DoubleTap in .45ACP.  Ouch.  One round was enough for me, I had to have my hand ready for duty the next night.  Richard, sans a glove, shot this little chupacabra a dozen more times in both .45 and 9mm.  Salute!

IMG_1975 copy

All the other guns functioned well and it was loads of fun until the heavy rains intruded.  Time for lunch at Sonny’s!


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