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SCCY CPX-2 Pistol Review

One of my buddies loaned his Ruger LCR to a co-worker for off-duty carry.  The co-worker is a newer cop and she was short on funds after having a baby.  It got me thinking that not everyone in the squad room can afford an expensive back-up piece.  Introducing:  SCCY Industries. SCCY Industries, LLC (pronounced “Sky”) makes handguns in Daytona Beach, Florida.  After handling their Generation 2 CPX-1 and CPX-2’s at SHOT Show, I was impressed with the design and quality control of their 9mm polymer pistols.  Fit and finish was above average, especially if you factored in the MSRP:  $319.00 for the CPX-1 and $299.00 for the CPX-2!  It elicited … Continue reading

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What You Don’t Know…

The weather was beautiful, so my wife and I took a walk to get out of the house.  Along the journey, we headed down the sidewalk near a set of waterfront condos.  There was a sheriff’s office cruiser parked parallel to our path.  As we went by the driver’s side of the patrol car, my wife and I waved to the deputy sheriff.  She was young and appeared to be talking on her cell phone–no problem there, she was stationary.  That would pass muster under our General Orders.  She smiled and nodded back to us–good public relations for Starman. I could not help but feel uneasy as I was strolling … Continue reading

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New Springfield Armory XD-S 9 Pistol

At last year’s SHOT Show, USPSA and IPSC championship shooter Rob Leatham showed me Springfield Armory’s new XD-S, a sub-compact single stack .45 ACP pistol.  I shot one and I was impressed with it.  For 2013, Mr. Leatham was running around at his normally frenetic pace giving media members a look and trigger time with SA’s new XD-S 9. Mr. Leatham told me the new 9mm semi-auto has the same basic dimensions as the .45 XD-S, except for cartridge capacity, which increases to 7+1 in 9mm.  Springfield Armory’s XD and XD-M series have been very popular.  The XD-S single stack guns, at only 0.9” in slide width, are just that … Continue reading

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N8² Tactical’s Professional Series Holsters

N8² Tactical makes holsters in North Carolina.  At SHOT Show 2013, I asked Nate Beard about their name.  Nate Beard and Nate Johnson formed the company.  “Nate Squared,” get it?  I asked Mr. Beard what was new and he showed me their improved Professional IWB concealed carry holster. From the N8² Tactical website: The Nate Squared Tactical Professional holster is the ultimate IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster. It has all the comfort of our Original design, but comes with the following additional features:  ADJUSTABLE CANT TUCKABLE  EXCELLENT POSITIVE RETENTION The holster is made of polycarbonate, which is an extremely durable thermoplastic. Common uses range from cd’s & dvd’s to bullet resistant glass. We … Continue reading

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New Ruger LC380 Review

Sturm, Ruger & Co. trucked out their new LC380 to SHOT Show Media Day.  Since Ruger’s designated patch of real estate was at the very north end of the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club, we did not get to them until late in the afternoon.  Some vendors were already packing up, what with the still chill temperatures and lashing wind.  Aaron and I were hanging tough. When we stepped up to the table of guns, I bluntly asked the Ruger rep what they were thinking by making the LC380.  I had an answer in mind, but I wanted to see what he would articulate.  He told us that their thought … Continue reading

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SHOT Show 2013 Small Gun Round-Up

At the SHOT Show 2013 Media Day at the Range, I was able to shoot a number of new small handguns meant for concealed carry self defense. The latest offerings from Kahr, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, and Ruger were loaded, locked, and let loose. In the photos, you will notice the dusty guns. It was very windy and fine sand mixed with the usual post-firing gunk. As I have said before, these guns are shot by literally hundreds of media members during this single day of firearms torture. All the guns I used functioned perfectly as designed.

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Diamondback DB9 Long Term Test and Review

In January of 2011, I was walking through the static vendor booths at SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range and saw a familiar pistol that somehow looked off-kilter. It was a stretched Diamondback Firearms DB380 pistol.  No.  It was something new. Diamondback Firearms makes striker-fired polymer framed pistols and (soon) shotguns AR -15’s in Cocoa, Florida.  After successfully marketing a micro-compact .380 ACP pistol, the company began producing a 9mm version.  This was the gun I saw on the table. I handled the unloaded gun in the booth.  It looked very promising, however, for its diminutive size, I worried about how it would actually handle in the hand when … Continue reading

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