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New Diamondback Firearms DB FS Nine Pistol

Back at the 2012 SHOT Show, I got to interview Diamondback Firearms founder and CEO Brad Thomas.  I had been examining a prototype for the DB RTS tactical shotgun (that was eventually displaced in their line-up by the DB15 AR-15-style rifle).  During our conversation, Mr. Thomas told me about their plans to develop a full-sized pistol.  We are finally getting a look at it. The new DB pistol is a striker-fired 15+1 handgun chambered in 9mm.  In dimensions, it is roughly equivalent to a Glock 17 pistol.  DB FS Nine’s take down levers and its trigger safety are visually similar to the Austrian maker’s gun.  From Diamondback’s website: “This new … Continue reading

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Diamondback DB9 Long Term Test and Review

In January of 2011, I was walking through the static vendor booths at SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range and saw a familiar pistol that somehow looked off-kilter. It was a stretched Diamondback Firearms DB380 pistol.  No.  It was something new. Diamondback Firearms makes striker-fired polymer framed pistols and (soon) shotguns AR -15’s in Cocoa, Florida.  After successfully marketing a micro-compact .380 ACP pistol, the company began producing a 9mm version.  This was the gun I saw on the table. I handled the unloaded gun in the booth.  It looked very promising, however, for its diminutive size, I worried about how it would actually handle in the hand when … Continue reading

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