N8² Tactical’s Professional Series Holsters

N8² Tactical makes holsters in North Carolina.  At SHOT Show 2013, I asked Nate Beard about their name.  Nate Beard and Nate Johnson formed the company.  “Nate Squared,” get it?  I asked Mr. Beard what was new and he showed me their improved Professional IWB concealed carry holster.

From the N8² Tactical website:

The Nate Squared Tactical Professional holster is the ultimate IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster. It has all the comfort of our Original design, but comes with the following additional features: 


The holster is made of polycarbonate, which is an extremely durable thermoplastic. Common uses range from cd’s & dvd’s to bullet resistant glass. We chose to use polycarbonate because it has 30% more tensile strength and almost double the impact strength of acrylic-polyvinyl chloride, which is the material used by many of the most popular IWB holsters on the market today. All of this simply means that the Professional holster is made of the highest quality materials available Using polycarbonate also allowed us to develop a positive retention IWB holster with our Twist Release SystemTM.

When the holster is worn, your body puts pressure against the backing, which presses the firearm against the polycarbonate.  As shown in the cutaway (image 1) the polycarbonate actually holds the firearm in place and provides additional security for the retention of your firearm.  Simply drive your thumb between the holster and the grip, then slightly twist the grip toward your body to release the trigger guard from the retention bump (image 2) for a smooth draw! 

As with most holsters, when your holster is new the retention level may seem exaggerated, but as the leather, neoprene, and suede form to your firearm and to your body over the first few days, you will notice the draw becoming much smoother.

The Professional is available for a variety of popular pistols.  MSRP is $69.00.  I thought the holster had some great features…


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