Walther Releases New PPS M2 Pistol


Walther-PPS-M2-1024x798Walther Arms has released a variation of the PPS to the market, the PPS M2.  The new PPS M2 has rounded looks that are more sleek than its blocky Teutonic predecessor, which is now called the PPS Classic.  The 9mm M2 is shipping to local gun stores now.  A .40 cal. version will come in the Spring of this year.

The PPS M2 retains the same dimensions and basic functionality of the Classic, but the M2 has had its ambidextrous paddle mag release and Weaver rail eliminated.  The magazine release is now a left side button.

The PPS, or Polizei-Pistole Schmal, was introduced in 2007 and has been wearing the same dress to the dance ever since.  The M2 is gussied up with ergonomic Continue reading

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New SCCY CPX-3 .380 Pistol

sccy cpx-3

Photo: SCCY

In 2016, SCCY Industries will be coming out with their first .380 ACP pistol, the CPX-3.  The Daytona Beach manufacturer’s new handgun will utilize SCCY founder Joe Roebuck’s patent-pending Quad-Lock system to stabilize the barrel and improve accuracy over their previous DAO guns.  The Roebuck Quad-Lock will likely be featured on future SCCY’s.

While maintaining the general looks of their 9mm Parabellum CPX-2 pistol, the CPX-3 will be just slightly smaller.  A CPX-3 holds 10 rounds in its double-stacked magazine, so it will not be a micro-380.  Pre-production photos show the “Dash 3” obviously bigger than a Ruger LCP or Kel-Tec P3AT.  For those who feel those latter guns are tough to grip and control, the CPX-3 will be a palatable addition to the .380 market.

When I reviewed the SCCY CPX-2, I had a bit of concern over the quality of a then-sub-three-hundred-dollar blaster.  My fears were unfounded and my CPX-2 has performed without quarrel in igniting over 600 primers.  I hope the new gun functions with this exceptional reliability.  MSRP for the SCCY CPX-3 is expected to be $339.00.  More to come.



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Uprising in The Villages!


Yeah, this dude.

About sixty retired police officers in The Villages turned out at their Rialto Theater this morning to protest the opening of Quentin Tarantino’s new film.  You may remember Tarantino infuriated cops with his statements at a Black Lives Matter rally in New York City last October.

Said the film director, “When I see murders, I do not stand by. I have to call a murder a murder, and I have to call the murderers the murderers.”  The NYPD Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association urged people to boycott Tarantino movies.  I do not stand by. Well, thanks Q for being there and putting your life on the line for all of us.

Protesting retirees in The Villages held signs that said Support Your Local Police and Blue Lives Matter.  It is nice to see the old timers getting out and exercising the First Amendment rights they lacked when on the job.  Thank you, guys!



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Ruger American Pistol

Ruger American TBFSturm, Ruger & Co. has announced the debut of their newest striker-fired pistol–the American.  This is a full-sized handgun with all the latest amenities:  adjustable grips, 1913 accessory rail, ambidextrous controls, three dot sights, and a black nitride slide coating.

I can’t help but like the name and I am surprised it has not been used before on a semi-auto.  Bill Ruger’s company seems to have a winning touch and the American will likely continue their streak.  Here’s the press release:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to introduce a new line of full-size duty pistols. Designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind, the Ruger American Pistol™ is built to perform in the harshest conditions. A true American innovation, this new pistol is a revolutionary platform for Ruger.

Continue reading

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Indian River Sheriff’s Office OIS

Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Lester pulled over this suspect, who was riding a tagless scooter, at oh-three-hundred.  After appearing to be minimally cooperative, the convicted felon sucker punched Lester, then took a revolver from the small of his back and shot the deputy.  Dep. Lester returned fire and chased the suspect on foot.  In the audio, you can hear the difference between the badguy’s .357 and Dep. Lester’s .45.

IRCSO K9 Falko found the suspect, who had two of Dep. Lester’s bullets in his gut, hiding at a packing plant.  Dep. Lester is in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the leg.  The suspect, who had done over 20 years in prison for attempted murder, will apparently recover.  He will likely face a similar sentence for this crime.

Although the suspect says he doesn’t want any trouble, his physical actions are a warning that his intent is just the opposite.  Kinesics are more important than the static that comes out of a suspect’s pie hole.  Thank goodness the deputy will be okay.  Stay safe on your shifts and as the fictitious Ofc. J. D. “Buck” Savage would say, “Watch those hands.”



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St. Petersburg Police K9 Officer Passes

imageLongtime St. Petersburg Police K9 Handler James Olson passed away in his home last week.  He was 48 years old.  Jimmy, as he was known by those of us who worked with him, was a consummate police officer, K9 handler, son, and father.

It was my privilege to have spent time down at the Compound with Jimmy and the great guys at SPPD K9.  I trained my second and third dogs down there and I was a better handler for the experience.

Ofc. Olson’s funeral was today and I was honored to accompany my K9 Unit.  About forty dog teams attended and, Continue reading

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A Christmas Concert

imageMy daughter’s college held a Christmas Gala last week where she was a member of the chorus. It was a beautiful show celebrating the season’s good will toward men (and women). The audience was filled with festively-dressed folks, many of them smiling seniors. Was it wrong for me to be thinking about radicalized violence?

A Christian event drawing over a thousand people could be a prime target in these particular times. Once seated, I discreetly checked out the tactical options. Should something go down, where were the exits people would attempt to funnel through? What would constitute cover and/or concealment? How could an attack unfold, given the layout of Continue reading

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Gun Violence Remains in Decline

imageThe story here, for me, is the Centers for Disease Control publishing data showing current gun deaths at rates lower than the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.  The Mainstream Media would have you believe we are suffering through the worst gun violence in American history.  In fact, the Washington Post Blog’s headline for the above graphic was, “Guns are now killing as many people as cars in the U.S.”  Wholly suggestive.

The Pew Research Center published their own graphics based upon the same CDC information.  Although Pew used slightly different measures, the trend was consistent.  Gun violence fell in the 1990s and has remained steady at pre-1970 Continue reading

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Florida Deputy Indicted for Manslaughter

Dep. Peraza--BCSO

Dep. Peraza–BCSO

Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Peter Peraza was indicted Friday by a grand jury for manslaughter in an on duty shooting. He is the first Florida law enforcement officer to be indicted by a grand jury since 1991 for an officer-involved shooting.

In July of 2013, Dep. Peraza responded with other deputies to reports of an armed suspect walking in an apartment complex. The suspect refused to drop his rifle and did not comply with the deputies’ commands. Deputies stated that the suspect pointed his rifle toward them. He was shot and killed by Peraza, who fired three bullets.

It was found that the suspect’s weapon was an unloaded air rifle. The suspect was wearing earbuds, which may have prevented him from hearing the commands. In the context of this incident, neither fact mitigated what the deputies would have perceived as an active threat.

Dep. Peraza will plead not guilty and seek a jury trial, according to his attorney, Eric Schwartzreich. “Deputy Peraza ultimately gave commands to the man to drop his weapon. His commands were ignored. At that point in time, the rifle gets pointed at the deputies. Deputy Peraza only discharges three shots. The perceived threat is neutralized, he holsters his weapon, and fire rescue is called.”

“While it is sad and tragic that a young man lost his life, we cannot ignore the facts,” Schwartzreich said. “Deputy Peraza received a dispatch that there was a man with a rifle walking down the street. The man was walking in an area filled with civilians.”

ThinBlueFlorida will follow this story to its conclusion.



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“Enough is Enough!”

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey is not afraid to give an opinion.  I think his observations have gone viral because they make us reflect on America and safety.  Gun sales in Florida have risen since the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack.  FDLE reports firearms purchase background checks were up 73% last Saturday and 86% Sunday, compared to the same dates a year ago.  People do not feel safe.


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Terrorists and Cops Part Two

SWAT ThinBlueFlorida.comTwo weeks ago, I wrote about terrorism migrating to our shores in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.  Then came the ISIS-inspired San Bernardino massacre.  Sadly, a homegrown extremist shooting occurred sooner than anyone thought would.  Local, state, and federal agencies responded swiftly to contain and extinguish the threat in SoCal.

One of my colleagues complained Thursday that many departments have a “it won’t happen here” attitude toward agency preparedness.  He suggested more active shooter, tactical combat casualty care, and improvised explosive device training for all officers.  I would listen to him.  He has experience as a U.S. Army explosive ordinance disposal technician and combat medic.  Yeah, he’s seen the elephant in the sandbox, too.  And Continue reading

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Stop Being a Jackass

C’mon, keep it down back there!  Norman, Okla. Ofc. Kyle Canaan gives a Marchman ride to a wayward donkey.  Like many of our customers, he pooped in the car.  The ass was reunited with his chiropractor.  Seriously.



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Chicago PD Murder Charges

I have watched Chicago PD’s officer-involved shooting video from October 2014.  A few things come to mind about the totality of the circumstances.  Officers are responding to a commercial burglary call where a suspect was detained by a citizen, but is now on foot in the urban area.  The suspect is armed with a knife.  He is now evading police on the street.

The suspect sprinted through a fast food restaurant parking lot, stabbed the front tire of a police car, and damaged the windshield of another.  If you forward to 4:53 in the video time (not the PD time stamp), you get to the perspective of a cruiser entering the scene.  At about 5:06, the suspect can be seen cutting through the Burger King.

The marked CPD Tahoe following the suspect at 5:15 has the subject officer, Jason Van Dyke, in the passenger side of the squad.  They are shadowing the fleeing suspect.  Ofc. Van Dyke opens his door briefly at 5:20, but refrains from exiting.

At 5:28, the suspect is seen running down the road when he moves within 10 feet of an occupied police SUV, the driver of which maneuvers Continue reading

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Florida Open Carry Bills in the Legislature

IMG_1133Imagine you are working road patrol in your uniform and marked squad car at the scene of an urban disturbance when you see a man walking up behind you on a crowded sidewalk.  As he moves closer, you see he has a 9mm handgun in plain view, tucked into his waistband over his shirt.  You make eye contact, but, despite your unease, you cannot stop and ask him about the pistol because that would be against the law.  Does this make sense?

Under 2015 Senate Bill 300, and its companion, House Bill 163, open carry of firearms would be legal in Florida if the person possesses a state-issued concealed carry weapons license (CCW).  Both bills, in their respective Judiciary Committees now, would result in a $5,000 fine and loss of qualified immunity for an officer to question that man about his Continue reading

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Orange Deputy Beats Mickey

imageOrange County Sheriff’s Deputy Keith Rogers was a hit in the Magic Kingdom.  From OCSO’s Facebook page:

Deputy Rogers is a celebrity in the eyes of this Tewksbury, MA. youngster! His mom Jennie Ann (who is also a police officer) writes:  “A big thank you to this Deputy for taking the time to sign an autograph for my 6-year-old son Shayne at Disney’s Hollywood Studio. Who needs Mickey’s autograph when you can have an OCSO Deputy’s?”  We couldn’t agree more! Thank you Jennie Ann for sending this to us.  We love to hear from our citizens and visitors.

Take that, Mouse!



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