Terrorists and Cops

Militarization of the Police copyAs extremist violence proliferates around the globe, it will be local law enforcement who directly confronts the threat in this country.  The coordinated attacks on civilians in Paris last Friday by eight terrorists wielding AK-47’s and suicide bombs could well have been perpetrated in any of our cities right here in the USA.  Are you prepared to be the badge on ground zero when it goes down?

While law enforcement has been criticized for “militarization,” those same armored vehicles, tactical equipment, and rifles, are exactly what we need to counter threats like the Parisian terrorists, the Boston Marathon bombers, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, the DC Sniper, the North Hollywood bank robbers, and a host of other nightmares.

It is an increasingly complicated environment in which we operate, where our society now expects measured police responses to dynamic and dangerous situations without the benefit of a layman’s media-influenced hindsight.  Let’s face it, many of today’s cops are more hesitant to use force than any time in recent memory.

My advice to the guys is to practice with your long gun and seek out training in tactics for indoor and outdoor exigencies.  Always have plenty of water and ammunition available in your cruiser.  Wear your tourniquet and know how to use it.  Add some Celox gauze or QuikClot to your daily load-out.  Talk with your partners about what you would do in various emergencies.

Unfortunate as it is, extreme violence can only be handled by a surgical answer of a similar magnitude.  Terrorist murderers, or even criminal murderers, in the very act of killing must be met by professionals who are properly equipped and trained to visit death upon them. Protecting civilization can be an unpleasant but necessary business.  I hope we can accomplish the mission.




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