Five Police Officers Shot to Death in Four Days

black badgeA Riverdale, Ga. police officer was shot and killed this morning around 11:15 a.m.  He is the fifth officer to be slain by gunfire since Monday.  Although the total number of LEO’s killed thus far in 2016 is down, this week’s deaths mark an increase of 600% over firearms-related deaths from the same period last year.

On Monday, Deputy David Greer of the Mesa County, Colo. Sheriff’s Office stopped out with an armed juvenile, who shot Greer to death before back-up officers could arrive.  Deputy Greer is survived by a wife and two children.

Yesterday, Harford County, Md. Deputies Mark Logsdon and Patrick Dailey responded to a wanted subject at a Panera restaurant.  Dailey was shot inside the restaurant as he talked to the suspect.  Logsdon was fatally wounded in the parking lot.  Both deputies were married and had children.

Also yesterday, Officer Jason Moser of the Fargo, N.D. Police Department was on the perimeter of an armed, barricaded suspect call, when he was shot to death by the offender.  Ofc. Moser, who was taken off of life support today, had a wife and two children.

Finally, Riverdale PD Major Greg Barney was a perimeter officer at a search warrant.  The suspect fled his residence toward Barney and shot the Major in the chest.  Barney leaves behind a family.

This is not just some statistical uptick.  Good police officers have been murdered.  Let’s all practice the best situational awareness and officer safety that we can each minute in the field.  Stay sharp, stay safe.


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Riggs Shield for Mobile Police Protection

Riggs Shield OfficerThis week, one of my detectives, who has a relative in law enforcement product sales, brought a ballistic shield to work that was specifically designed for vehicle ambush protection by California Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Riggs.  It is called the Riggs Shield and was conceived after one of Riggs’ partners was attacked in his cruiser.

The Riggs Shield mounts on the inside of the driver’s door of a police car and is quickly and easily removed in the event the officer is attacked while seated.  By grabbing the handle and pushing the shield forward and up, it pulls away for immediate use.

Rated at NIJ Ballistics Level IIIa and Stab Level III, the Riggs Shield can provide emergency protection from a variety of threats.  It has a section of Picatinny rail for affixing a flashlight on the handle.  A hook and loop nylon strap is included, which can give extra stability when holding the Riggs Shield.  It also allows for two-handed reloading of a pistol.

Riggs Shield in VehicleAfter examining the test and evaluation model, we took it outside to Continue reading

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Police Speeder

Once, I fielded a call from an angry motorist following one of our officers who was speeding home.  Immediately, I called the cop and told him to knock it off and see me in my office (small cubicle) the next day.  At readoff, I told the troops to think of themselves as Wonder Woman in her invisible jet when in your cruiser–everyone sees everything you do!  Some of them got the reference.

This is a viral video of a “citizen” traffic stop of a speeding Miami-Dade police officer on his way to work.

Come on, guys.  We can do better than this.



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Aaron on SHOT Show Handguns

Kimber K6s revolverRandall, I missed you at SHOT this year.  I was able to shoot the Kimber K6s and was so glad I did.  Though compact, and just a little short for a meaty grip, the K6s still felt good in my hands.  The sights are a bit low profile, but I was still able to obtain a sight picture rather quickly.

Now for the best part.  The trigger is absolutely amazing!  Literally the most smooth DA revolver trigger I’ve ever laid finger on.  I’m not as big a revolver shooter as many, but I have had the opportunity to spin several wheel guns.  This trigger was the best, by far, without question!

Accuracy was also very good.  Recoil was very manageable, with surprisingly low Continue reading

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Police K9 Dog Deaths Already High in 2016


Canton, Ohio K9 Jethro with Handler Ryan Davis by his side. K9 Jethro did not survive his wounds.

Update:  Omaha K9 killed 1/25/2016.  The year 2016 is not starting out well for police K9 dogs in the U.S.  Since the beginning of January, three four K9’s have already been killed by hostile gunfire.  In all of 2015, a total of four working dogs died by gunfire, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.  Of the 26 K9’s killed in 2015, one was poisoned and one was stabbed, in addition to the others who died from shootings or accidental causes.  The average number of police dogs shot to death during the last decade was 3.2 annually.

Sometimes we take for granted the indispensable role these trained animals play in law enforcement.  K9 dogs perform a function that cannot be duplicated by man or machinery. Their keen olfactory senses, coupled with above-average intelligence and physical stamina, make it possible for them to locate and indicate hidden persons and contraband.  K9’s protect handlers and citizens alike.  Their mere presence can be a deterrent to Continue reading

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First Tactical’s Diamondback Folding Knife

First-Tactical-Knife-Line-642x412First Tactical™ makes products for Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue.  Their products are conceived in concert with professionals who work in these fields.  The Diamondback Tanto folding knife is designed and tested by end users to make it functional.

A 3.43 inch AUS8 blade comes in a modified tanto or spearpoint shape.  Unique to the Diamondback Tanto is their Thumb Bridge over the blade opening hole.  It adds a lot of real estate for the thumb to open the knife.  It also provides a large shelf upon which the thumb can place pressure to cut materials that are hesitant to yield to the edge.

The G10 handle scales are shaped to comfortably fill the hand for heavy duty cutting chores.  The liners are stout, as the 5.61 Continue reading

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Gainesville Officer Shoots…Hoops

Well, they did lower the rim for the dunk.


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Improved Beretta PX4 Compact Carry


Not the Compact Carry, just a standard PX4 Storm Compact, sorry

Beretta has a makeover for the PX4 Storm Compact.  Competitive shooter and Marine Earnest Langdon worked up some fixes for the platform that increase the gun’s ergonomics and shootability.  Is that a word?  The result is the PX4 Compact Carry.

Langdon started with lower profile safety and slide release levers.  Next came a larger magazine release button and refined trigger pull.  Rounding out the tactile refinements is the Talon wrap textured grips that increase traction in the hand.

Other upgrades include tritium night sights and a gray Cerakoted slide.  This is more a factory custom mod than an actual new gun, so expect it to price higher than a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact, which has an MSRP of $650.00.

Beretta is stingy with photos of the Compact Carry so far.  I will post them when available.


Photo:  Beretta

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New Kimber K6s Revolver

Kimber K6sNow we are talkin’!  Kimber is set to release a brand new DAO revolver to the market in March of this year.  The Kimber K6s is a six-shot, stainless steel .357 Magnum wheelgun with a 2 inch barrel and internal hammer.  This one is aimed center-of-mass at the concealed carry crowd.

The Kimber K6s has material milled from the revolver’s cylinder, resulting in an interesting series of alternating flats and curves.  Like a Ruger LCR, the cylinder release is a push button affair.  K6s’ action rotates counter-clockwise, like S&W, but unlike Colt.

With pinned front and dovetailed rear sights, I am certain the aftermarket will already be tooling up for replacement dots, tubes, and trits.  Likewise for aftermarket grips.  Wood, G10, and other materials should be in the works.

  • Caliber .357 Mag/.38 Special
  • Satin-Finished Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Length: 2 inches
  • Trigger Pull: 9.5-10.5 Pounds
  • 6 Round Capacity
  • Weight: 23 Ounces Empty
  • Height: 4.46 Inches
  • Length: 6.62 Inches
  • Width: 1.39 Inches

This is burly all-stainless revolver that may muscle a few aging Colt Detective Specials back into an honored place in the safe.  MSRP will be $899.00.


Photo:  Kimber Mfg, Inc.

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New Glock MOS Pistols

G17 Gen4 MOS 45 (with optic)Today, Glock introduced two new MOS (Modular Optics System) pistols at the SHOT Show.  Here is their press release:

Las Vegas, Nev. – Jan. 18, 2016  Today, GLOCK, Inc., announced the release of two new pistols to join the Modular Optic System (MOS) series, the G17 Gen4 in MOS and the G19 Gen4 in MOS.

Now, two of GLOCK’s best selling pistols are available with milled slides designed specifically to be adaptable to multiple optic systems without costly customization. The G17 Gen4 MOS and G19 Gen4 MOS are the ideal addition to the series as the market continues to trend toward optic-ready everyday carry and defense.

Continue reading

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Maxpedition Advanced Gear Research for 2016

It would appear that Maxpedition is ascending to the next level of carryalls with their Advanced Gear Research products for 2016.  There are six new bags and six accompanying pouches from the company.  The imbedded link has the press release info, detailed photos, and product features.

Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2016 – Maxpedition corporation debuts the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) line with 12 new styles at SHOT Show 2016, providing a glimpse into the future of the Maxpedition brand and its products. While the Maxpedition brand DNA of uncompromising durability is preserved, modernized aesthetics and a broadened palette of custom materials and components, elevate Maxpedition equipment to a new level of quality, innovation, and sophistication.

“For AGR, we drilled down to every minute detail and developed many of the components and materials from scratch with world-class suppliers. It was extremely rewarding to create a set of finely crafted products with a combination of features & benefits not found anywhere else in the industry. I feel we are carving out a new niche of higher end carry equipment in the shooting/hunting/outdoor space similar to what we did once before in 2003 when I started the company,” says Tim C. Tang, President and Founder.

Here are three of the bags.  All the items will be available in Black, Gray, and Continue reading

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New FLIR Scout TK Thermal Imager

FLIR Scout TKFLIR Systems, Inc. introduced their latest handheld thermal imaging monocular at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show 2016.  The FLIR Scout TK entry-level device is the company’s smallest and least expensive model yet.  At an MSRP of $599.00, the Scout TK is more than a thousand bucks less than their Scout II model, which sells at about $1,900.

The new Scout TK measures just 4″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ and weighs only 6 ounces, so it really is pocket-sized.  I got to play with their older PS24 monocular back in 2012 at SHOT.  It was like a handful of science fiction!  Even in the lit show area, looking at the heat signatures coming off people was faaaascinating.

FLIR states the Scout TK can detect a man-sized target at 100 yards.  This would, of course, be in optimal conditions.  From using a FLIR in our sheriff’s office helicopter, I can tell you that painting humans becomes Continue reading

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U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Florida’s Death Penalty

SupremeCourtBuildingToday, the U.S. Supreme Court, by a ruling of 8-1, struck down Florida’s death penalty system, saying in their majority opinion that Florida judges play too great a role in sentencing while juries can only give recommendations.

The court majority decided in Hurst v. Florida that, “The Sixth Amendment protects a defendant’s right to an impartial jury.  This right required Florida to base Timothy Hurst’s death sentence on a jury’s verdict, not a judge’s fact finding.  Florida’s sentencing scheme, which required the judge alone to find the existence of an aggravating circumstance, is therefore unconstitutional.” Continue reading

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Gun Control Sells More Guns


This is an interesting graphic from the New York Times charting gun sales for the last fifteen years.  The tallies come from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  The NYT article posits that firearms sales increase sharply after talk of gun control, as happened in December.

I think these numbers show how serious Americans are about exercising and maintaining their Second Amendment rights.  In 2014, handgun sales exceeded long gun sales for the first time in the U.S.  To me, this is indicative of people purchasing personal self-defense firearms rather than sporting arms.  The trends speak to our citizens’ waning sense of safety and security.

Gun sales spiked in late 2008 and late 2012, both years when Obama was elected.  The most recent increase began when the President said he would take unilateral executive action on gun control.  I expect we will see another buying surge later this year when there will undoubtedly be more talk of gun control from both parties prior to the general election.


Graphic:  The New York Times

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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

10906510_10152985595931763_2721308753906539687_nThe following is from the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) website:

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.)

On January 9th, 2016, partnering organizations in support of law enforcement officers nationwide will promote National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.). In light of recent negativity directed toward law enforcement nationally, there is a need to show law enforcement officers that our citizens recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible career they have chosen, in public service to us all.

On January 9th of each year we will call our nation’s citizens to action in support of law enforcement. Those citizens who appreciate law enforcement and are discouraged about the negative attention being given to law enforcement are encouraged to take time on January 9, to show their support. Our citizens can show their support in a number of ways:

• Change your profile picture on social media to the .jpg image provided at
• Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.
• Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency.
• Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media.
• Ask children in your community to write letters in support of law enforcement.
• Participate in Project Blue Light – Proudly display your blue light in support of law enforcement.
• Organize an event or a rally in support of your law enforcement officers.
• Advertise your support through local media outlets/billboards.
• Post the public service announcement supplied by C.O.P.S. to your organization’s webpage or social media pages.

Most importantly, if you see a police officer, thank a police officer.

I think I will be doing at least two things off the list above.  My thanks to all the men and women of law enforcement who do a tough job every day and keep our communities safe.



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