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Police K9 Dog Deaths Already High in 2016

Update:  Omaha K9 killed 1/25/2016.  The year 2016 is not starting out well for police K9 dogs in the U.S.  Since the beginning of January, three four K9’s have already been killed by hostile gunfire.  In all of 2015, a total of four working dogs died by gunfire, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.  Of the 26 K9’s killed in 2015, one was poisoned and one was stabbed, in addition to the others who died from shootings or accidental causes.  The average number of police dogs shot to death during the last decade was 3.2 annually. Sometimes we take for granted the indispensable role these trained animals play in law … Continue reading

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K9 Team Fired Upon

This incident from Pinellas Park, FL gave me chills and reminded me of the 2006 shooting death of Polk County Deputy Matt Williams and K9 DiOGi. Tracking desperate criminals, and since they are on the run–they are desperate, is very dangerous work.  Anyone who has been on the non-dog end of the leash in the dark knows this. K9 teams in my day worked alone.  Nowadays, the dogs and handlers are often joined by a second trained handler as a back-up.  I have worked as the trailing officer and have been there to assist in arrests.  It is a sound tactic. I am glad the Pinellas Park K9 team won … Continue reading

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A K9 Team is Born

A new K9 Handler and dog are preparing to hit the street next week.  Their graduation ceremony from K9 school is upon us and I could not be happier for the Unit’s junior member. It has been two decades since I was in his shoes, but I still remember the excitement and trepidation I had on leaving the known rigors of school for the uncertainty of success on the road. Because of the nature of the job, the learning curve can be steep and dangerous.  As I write this, I learned of a Palm Beach County K9 Team involved in a shoot-out this morning where a lieutenant and a police … Continue reading

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