New SCCY CPX-3 .380 Pistol

sccy cpx-3

Photo: SCCY

In 2016, SCCY Industries will be coming out with their first .380 ACP pistol, the CPX-3.  The Daytona Beach manufacturer’s new handgun will utilize SCCY founder Joe Roebuck’s patent-pending Quad-Lock system to stabilize the barrel and improve accuracy over their previous DAO guns.  The Roebuck Quad-Lock will likely be featured on future SCCY’s.

While maintaining the general looks of their 9mm Parabellum CPX-2 pistol, the CPX-3 will be just slightly smaller.  A CPX-3 holds 10 rounds in its double-stacked magazine, so it will not be a micro-380.  Pre-production photos show the “Dash 3” obviously bigger than a Ruger LCP or Kel-Tec P3AT.  For those who feel those latter guns are tough to grip and control, the CPX-3 will be a palatable addition to the .380 market.

When I reviewed the SCCY CPX-2, I had a bit of concern over the quality of a then-sub-three-hundred-dollar blaster.  My fears were unfounded and my CPX-2 has performed without quarrel in igniting over 600 primers.  I hope the new gun functions with this exceptional reliability.  MSRP for the SCCY CPX-3 is expected to be $339.00.  More to come.



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