Indian River Sheriff’s Office OIS

Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Lester pulled over this suspect, who was riding a tagless scooter, at oh-three-hundred.  After appearing to be minimally cooperative, the convicted felon sucker punched Lester, then took a revolver from the small of his back and shot the deputy.  Dep. Lester returned fire and chased the suspect on foot.  In the audio, you can hear the difference between the badguy’s .357 and Dep. Lester’s .45.

IRCSO K9 Falko found the suspect, who had two of Dep. Lester’s bullets in his gut, hiding at a packing plant.  Dep. Lester is in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the leg.  The suspect, who had done over 20 years in prison for attempted murder, will apparently recover.  He will likely face a similar sentence for this crime.

Although the suspect says he doesn’t want any trouble, his physical actions are a warning that his intent is just the opposite.  Kinesics are more important than the static that comes out of a suspect’s pie hole.  Thank goodness the deputy will be okay.  Stay safe on your shifts and as the fictitious Ofc. J. D. “Buck” Savage would say, “Watch those hands.”



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