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Point Blank/Paraclete Shields at SHOT Show

Mike from Point Blank Enterprises demonstrates some of the features of their new Paraclete brand Phalanx shield.  Paraclete also had several other new models with upgrades.  Below are the specs for the Phalanx: Level IIIA+ protection Lightweight (24” x 36” with viewport) is only 20 lbs. 100% Boltless System Larger, more functional view port Wider ballistic protection at top V – shape added strength to the entire center length of the shield Three weapon mount platform on both sides Accurate handgun and long – gun deployment Better view at 12 o’clock and conversely when held inverted 6 o’clock position Mitigates ricochets and diverts away from center 3 important components offered … Continue reading

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RAMP–Rapid Access Magazine Pod Review

When I cruise the vendors’ displays at SWAT Round-Up International, I look for new products.  About three-quarters of the way down the north aisle, I saw something that made me pause:  an AR-15 mag pouch that had the magazine…upside down.  Well, I had to stop and chat with the folks at CEO Doug Mullen is the inventor of the RAMP, or Rapid Access Magazine Pod.  Doug’s military experience and work as a civilian defense contractor led him to ask, “Why are we still carrying rifle magazines the same way we did in WWI?”  In examining the ergonomics of a magazine change, Doug figured out something innovative. The patent pending … Continue reading

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Photos from SWAT Round-Up International 2014

I took the day off and drove over to SWAT Round-Up International on Wednesday to check out the vendors and watch some of the competition.  The day’s event was the Officer Rescue.  I have competed in all five events over past years, so I enjoyed hanging around to watch others have the same fun! While I was at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Range, I hooked up with the guys from my SWAT team.  Our team did not compete this year.  As a matter of fact, we had not been on the field since 2006, which was the last time I competed.  Since we have so many FNG’s on the … Continue reading

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Coolest Vehicle at SWAT Round-Up 2014

As I was leaving the range at SWAT Round-Up International today, I saw this fully functional vintage operator delivery vehicle, a 1969 Dodge Barracuda.  It wore its original tactical OD green and black colors.  In its day, the convertible top allowed for high speed deployment of the “Special Weapons And Tactics” officers as the ‘Cuda roared up to the scene in a cloud of acrid, vision-obscuring tire smoke. At a venue where today’s armored vehicles are coated in metric tons of plate steel, yards of ballistic glass, and gallons of flat black paint, this vehicle stood out as an old school witness to how The Fuzz used to show up … Continue reading

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New Rifle, Old Friends

It was a nice fall day and although I had taken some time off from work, I rolled out of the vacation sack early to put on some OD BDU’s and boots to join the SWAT guys for a range qualification day.  I got a kitchen pass from the Missus!  Man, reliving old times. When I came off the road and into detectives, I gave up my AR-15 to an ex-SWAT guy working Midnight Shift.  I figured he needed it more than I did.  I still have my Remington 870 with rifled sights, SpeedFeed stock, and Surefire foregrip light in the trunk of my unmarked.  While the shotgun is nice, … Continue reading

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Deadly Force Policy Change in Miami Beach

The Miami Beach Police Department is poised to change its deadly force policy to now prohibit an officer from discharging his or her firearm at a vehicle unless an occupant displays a weapon–not to include the car–or shoots at them.  This move stems from a 2011 incident involving officers shooting at a motorist who tried to run over five Miami Beach police officers. That driver, Raymond Herisse, was shot by officers of both the Miami Beach and Hialeah police departments after his violent behavior during Urban Beach Week.  Herisse died at the scene.  A video of the end of the incident went viral.  The last Miami Beach Police Department shooting … Continue reading

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NTOA Partners with KOTA Longboards

The National Tactical Officers Association is joining forces with KOTA Longboards to introduce SWAT-themed skate decks.  Although my nephews would probably enjoy these boards, I’m too old to be collecting road rash like I did when I was a teen.  Still, you can get them customized with your department patch, unit insignia, or other personalization.  Press release from NTOA: Doylestown, Pa. (September 2014) – The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is pleased to announce a partnership with veteran-owned KOTA Longboards®. Through this new partnership, NTOA and KOTA Longboards® will bring the members of NTOA three uniquely branded longboard options: NTOA Eagle Edition Nieuport 17 longboard, NTOA Veritas Edition Handley Page … Continue reading

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Militarization of the Police–A Cop’s View

I get a little miffed at the argument that the police are becoming “too militarized.”  Detractors say that law enforcement has no need for the equipment that the U.S. Government has been distributing from its arsenal of aged or obsolete equipment.  This controversial military equipment comes mainly in two flavors:  weaponry or protection. As to weaponry, we are talking rifles.  My agency just took possession of two dozen older Colt M-16s from the Department of Defense at a very low price per unit.  Before the naysayers get in an uproar, understand that we already have more authorized fully automatic rifles for our SWAT team.  Our street officers also field semi-automatic … Continue reading

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Gerber Ding Dong!

It’s a big multi-tool!  Says Gerber: “A sledgehammer. A battering ram. A pry bar. All three are essential breaching tools for operators who need to get through doors quickly. The Ding Dong combines these three tools into one tight package. The enlarged hammer head features machined cross-hatching that effectively bites into doors and other surfaces as you smash into them, minimizing slip and maximizing impact. The enlarged pry bar at the end of the handle is perfect for wedging into door frames. The Ding Dong’s fiberglass handle features two molded rings equally spaced to create mechanical stops for the operator’s hands, ensuring a solid grip when swinging at or ramming … Continue reading

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Freeman Outdoor Gear Model 451 Knives

I was immediately drawn to Jeff Freeman’s booth at Blade Show 2014.  His Freeman Outdoor Gear knives looked just right for first responders.  I discovered exactly why when I learned that Jeff is a U.S. Army veteran and a former wildland firefighter. To honor the men and women with whom he worked in the fire service, Jeff named his Model 451 after the radio call sign “451” which was his crew’s.  It is coincidentally the ignition temperature at which paper burns, according to the famous Ray Bradbury novel. Regardless of the reasoning, these are some hot knives.  The standard and compact 451 are full tang CPM-S35VN steel at a RHC … Continue reading

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Smith & Bradley Sans-13 Watch Review

The Sans-13 from Smith & Bradley Watches is intended for law enforcement and tactical military personnel.  Jerommie Smith and Ryan Bradley are the Sidney, Illinois founders of the brand.  As their first watch, the Sans-13 was designed with input from those who would be the end users–cops and soldiers.  Jerommie is a Police K9 Handler and Ryan is an attorney.  I met them both earlier this year at SHOT Show and I can vouch for their genuine passion about timepieces. Shortly after SHOT, I bought a Sans-13 from their website.  Since then, I have worn this watch from the drudgery of desk work to search warrant services to dicey homicide … Continue reading

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Exoskel Climbers and Shin Guards

Exoskel Group is a Made in the USA company producing a special shin guard that doubles as a stability and climbing aid.  The teeth, buckles, and stirrup design are tested to hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight.  Exoskel lists the following product advantages to a military or police operator: RAPIDLY ASCEND urban obstacles STABILIZER : firing / brace position on uneven ground Shin PROTECTOR Close Quarter BATTLE TOOL Perpetrator RESTRAINT Injury PREVENTION

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FBI Publishes Report on Active Shooter Events–2000-2012

Last month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation published the findings of a study of Active Shooter Events (ASE’s) that occurred from 2000 to 2012.  One thing is clear from the data, and you can probably guess what it is.  Active shootings, injuries, and deaths have all increased during in years examined. The FBI studied a total of 110 active shooter events during this period.  Complete data was not available for every instance, but there was enough information for an examination of the trends in several areas of concern. While you might think most of the incidents occurred on school campuses, 40% of ASE’s occurred in businesses, while 29% were in … Continue reading

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StealthSCOPE by Zistos Video Systems

I spent some quality time with Robert Levine and Michael Sterflinger at the Zistos Video Systems SHOT Show 2014 booth.  I was not just impressed with their Made in the USA (Holbrook, NY) products, but with Zistos’ extremely strong customer service attitude.  I also got to play with one of their cool new toys—the StealthSCOPE. The StealthSCOPE is a tactical tool that has a small articulating camera head that can be maneuvered into tough, tight spaces for covert video surveillance.  I took photos of its sibling, the ExplorerSCOPE.  The “wand” of these scopes moves in four directions to be able to place the camera in the desired orientation. A 980 … Continue reading

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Timberline Tactical Dave Young Combat Breaching Tool

GATCO/Timberline has brought on board police trainer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Dave Young to design their new Timberline Tactical Combat Breaching Tool.  This tomahawk is 17″ overall with a full tang D2 blade at RH 60.  Dave explains all its features in the video.  MSRP will be $225.00. Dave has over thirty years of experience as a corrections officer, police officer, and Marine.  He has dedicated his time to training LE and the Military in officer survival, force on force strategies, and tactics.  He is the founder and director of ARMA Training.  Thanks for your service, Dave! Randall

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