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Atlas Devices Lightweight Tactical Ladder

Cool looking ladder.  The Atlas Devices vendor was busy showing it to a guy in khaki pants and a polo shirt.  His name badge read only USSOCOM.  No name.  No branch.  No unit.  A real Operator.  With a U.S. government line of credit. I wanted to see the ladder, but the free market kinda had the floor.  I came back to Atlas’ SOFIC booth an hour later.  My audience was granted at that point. This lightweight tactical ladder articulated out to 10′.  It weighed a mere 12 lbs.  It was obviously strong, as the vendor extended it fully, propped each end onto a Pelican case, then stood in its middle … Continue reading

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New Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

New for 2013, Gerber’s Made in the USA Downrange Tomahawk.  I took a couple of quick photos of the Tomahawk and their new Rescue Axe at SOFIC.  The Downrange Tomahawk sports an axe face with a hammer head at its rear.  The handle is full tang and has a pry bar at the lower end.  Finger grooves in the head of the axe allow the user to get leverage to force the pry bar into jambs and seams. The steel for the Downrange Tomahawk is 420HC.  It is blackened with KG Gun Kote.  Desert Tan G-10 handle scales are bolted on.  The Tomahawk is 19.27″ overall and weighs in at … Continue reading

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Polaris Defense Shows Off Non-Pneumatic Tires for ATV

We were walking by the Polaris Defense booth at the SOFIC Show and saw some rebar sticking out of an ATV tire.  Upon closer inspection, the tires were a see-though honeycomb design between the rim and tread that supported the weight of the vehicle.  Polaris calls the tires the NPT for non-pneumatic tire.  They aren’t run-flat, they are never-flat. The implications of this type of airless design are vast.  Polaris Defense acquired Resilient Technologies, LL, who had been researching and constructing never-flat tires for several years.  According to Polaris, “The NPT is composed of a central polymeric web surrounded by a rubber tread band which allows continuous operation, even if … Continue reading

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Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2013

BlueSheepdog Richard and I just got back from the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa.  The conference has a show floor that we attend every year.  This year it was again awash in stealth plane and helicopter mock-ups, mini-guns, tents, rigid inflatable boats, off road vehicles, combat information systems, and sat-com dishes. General photos of the show floor are prohibited to protect the identities of the many Spec Ops personnel in attendance.  I really wanted to get some pictures of all the cool cutting edge hardware, but I respect the operational security of the event. I got to check out some interesting equipment that may be of LE … Continue reading

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S & S Precision’s Holster Extender

S & S Precision is a product development and manufacturing company in Virginia Beach, VA.  I saw this on their show table at SOFIC.  It is a Holster Extender made for Safariland  patterned holsters utilizing the ALS system.  The actual extender is the aluminum-colored plate you see between the tan holster and black belt loop attachment above. The extender is a simple sliding aluminum base with a large button on the front to let the holster drop into detents at 1.5″ and 3″ below the hip-riding holster position.  The aluminum extender is protected by a special ceramic coating that also subdues the finish.

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Revision Desert Locust Goggles for Riot Control

I had an opportunity to speak with Revision Military sales manager Sean Carey at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference.  I had previously posted an article about their new Batlskin Modular Head Protection.  Our conversation turned to the upcoming Republican National Convention that will descend upon Tampa in August and Revision’s participation. Sean had a few things to add about his company’s role in crowd control.  He showed us a pair of the Revision Desert Locust Goggles, which he said provide not only ballistic protection, but eye protection against liquids.  Protesters at these large scale events will often try to disrupt police lines and generally antagonize officers by throwing containers … Continue reading

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Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2012

I just got back from the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, FL.  This was the second year we attended the Exhibit Hall.  There is some cross-over from military operations to police services, especially in the SWAT arena.  Funding for military experimentation often leads to technological developments that trickle down into law enforcement.  While I doubt our TAC van will be sporting a Dillon Aero Titanium Gatling Gun anytime soon, I am always interested in seeing new products for the Warfighter.  You never know when some of these things will be the latest rage for those of us defending the streets. I was particularly pleased to speak to a … Continue reading

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