Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2013

BlueSheepdog Richard and I just got back from the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa.  The conference has a show floor that we attend every year.  This year it was again awash in stealth plane and helicopter mock-ups, mini-guns, tents, rigid inflatable boats, off road vehicles, combat information systems, and sat-com dishes.

General photos of the show floor are prohibited to protect the identities of the many Spec Ops personnel in attendance.  I really wanted to get some pictures of all the cool cutting edge hardware, but I respect the operational security of the event.

I got to check out some interesting equipment that may be of LE interest, though.  I did get a few pictures.  Some items could be photoed by Press with the specific permission of the vendor and barring any image containing attendees.  I will share what I found out in the next week or so.


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