New CopDots Technology Aids Law Enforcement

CopDots™ is a unique method for marking personal property to deter theft and identify stolen items.  Using an applicator pen, the owner marks a piece of property with tiny microdots the size of a grain of sand.  The dots are laser etched with a personal identification number (PIN) that is registered to the owner.  The PIN’s are stored in a secure international database, which is only accessible to law enforcement.

The microdots are affixed with a special adhesive.  The adhesive fluoresces under UV light.  A 30X magnification is required to read the serial number.  As an owner applied number, the PIN can be entered into NCIC/FCIC for later recovery of the stolen property and possible prosecution of the perpetrator(s).  CopDots likens it to DNA information.

CopDots can be discreetly attached to items that normally would be devalued by the addition of identifying features.  These would include works of art, rare books, coins, jewelry, and similar property.

Palm Bay, Fl Police Department has fostered a community relationship with CopDots’ company to deter burglary and theft in their jurisdiction.  Palm Bay PD and CopDots announced the launch of this first nationwide crime prevention effort on April 23, 2013.

Partnering with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Sheriffs’ Association, CrimeStoppers USA, Uneighbors, and Lowes, CopDots is attempting to provide their product to consumers and their service to law enforcement.  CopDots kits are available exclusively at Central Florida Lowes Home Improvement Warehouses for $29.00.  Microdot viewers are available to police departments free of charge from CopDots.

DataDot Technology Ltd. is the parent company of CopDots.  DataDot, an Australia-based business, has been providing microdot technology for the automotive industry for over ten years.  Large clients have included BMW, Lexus, and Subaru.

The Florida Law Enforcement Property Recovery Unit (FLEPRU) should be excited about this developing technology…


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