S & S Precision’s Holster Extender

S & S Precision is a product development and manufacturing company in Virginia Beach, VA.  I saw this on their show table at SOFIC.  It is a Holster Extender made for Safariland  patterned holsters utilizing the ALS system.  The actual extender is the aluminum-colored plate you see between the tan holster and black belt loop attachment above.

The extender is a simple sliding aluminum base with a large button on the front to let the holster drop into detents at 1.5″ and 3″ below the hip-riding holster position.  The aluminum extender is protected by a special ceramic coating that also subdues the finish.

S & S Precision caters mostly to the Military, and more specifically the Spec Ops community, hence the Virginia Beach locale.  According to S & S Precision, “Extraordinary customers require unique solutions.”  And further, “The crew at S&S precision eliminates the disparity between end user requirements and design/material/manufacturing expertise. We merge technical knowledge with real world experience to advance tactical equipment.”  I have another one of their products in mind that I will write about in the coming weeks.

The Holster Extender is built only for Safariland ALS holsters now, but S & S’s  Johnny Swan at the booth said they may be making another version for Blackhawk Serpa’s in the future.  A list of S & S distributors is on their website.

I could see this product being useful to the street cop who needs to lower his duty gun and holster when throwing on a rifle plate carrier for hot calls. This is another example of a good design which is then Made in the USA.


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