DDupleks Kaviar 26L Frangible Shotgun Ammunition

The Latvian gentlemen from DDupleks Ammunition were demonstrating their Kaviar 26L frangible shotgun “slug” at SHOT Show 2013 Media Day at the Range.  The 12 gauge round is designed to dump its energy into the immediate target without over-penetration.  The DDuplexs rep shot a water jug at 15 yards with the Kaviar.  A Kel-Tec KSG was used for the test.

This is from the DDupleks website:

Combined material shotgun slug for training and LE purposes. Slug expands and fragments only after hitting the target and provides energy transfer immediately without over-penetration.


  • Frangible design
  • Good accuracy
  • No over-penetration

Application: For use in training and tactical operations

Performance Characteristics:

  • Expands and fragments only after hitting the target
  • No over-penetration – limited penetration allows the use in urban area
  • Large amount of energy transferred in the target immediately after the hit
  • Better accuracy compared to frangible ammunition
  • Reduced recoil – allows faster follow-up shots
  • Frangible – friendly to bullet traps and metal targets
  • Doesn’t create dust or other small particles on impact

Potential targets and applications:

  • Training
  • Tactical operations
  • Entry – door breaching
  • EOD operations
  • Safe tire deflation

I think the Kaviar has some interesting tactical potential combining the short range accuracy of a shotgun slug without the dangers of collateral damage associated with buckshot spread or slug through-and-through.


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