SHOT Show 2013 Begins Next Week

The annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas runs from January 15 through 18.  Last year over 61,000 attendees descended upon the Sands Convention Center to view the wares of 1,600+ exhibitors.  I was one of 2,500 media members.  It is time for me to pack up the iPad, notebooks, and cameras to take my yearly sabbatical as journalist and not cop.

As usual, I am honored to join the great guys from and at the Big Show.  GHG is already running a truckload of 2013 pre-Show info here.

SHOT Show is an industry trade show hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  As this is a trade show, the general public is not invited.  Nothing is “for sale” and it is not what most would think of as a gun show.  This is where the commerce of the firearms and related industries is conducted.  Vendors woo merchants with their latest products.  Manufacturers entertain broadcast, print, and Internet media for exposure and advertising.  Monday’s Media Day at the Range in Boulder City is for the press to handle and test the latest weaponry.

SHOT Show floor 2012

Shooting a Kriss Vector .45ACP at Media Day at the Range 2011

Luxurious Office Space at Harrah's

I am very curious about what the mood will be both on the show floor and in the press room at SHOT in light of the recent “dialogue” about gun control in this country.  The firearms industry has been on a real high since, oh, about 2008 (go figure).  Can it continue?  How will threats of impending legislation affect what they are able to manufacture and what you will be able to legally purchase for defense and recreation?

As an aside, please find it in your time and wallet to support groups like the National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Florida Carry, and other like-minded organizations that are working hard to protect our Second Amendment rights…


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