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Flashlight Terminology by Elzetta Tactical Lights

Dave Barnett from Elzetta Tactical Lighting explains some of the light output terminology you might use to decide whether or not to buy a flashlight for duty use.  Dave has informed and entertained us in their SHOT Show booth for several years.  They make solid lights and mounts here in the USA.  Check out their products. Randall

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TASER-proof Clothing Project has webbed up a “TASER-proof” clothing project.  The suggested mod is to use carbon-fiber strips in garments to make them “100% taserproof.”  By inserting iron-on CF tape strips between layers of cloth, the space-aged material will allegedly conduct electrical energy from a TASER or stun gun away from the clothing’s wearer and into the  CF strips to be dispersed without result.  Skin penetration by the probes is supposedly rendered ineffective as well. Gee, it is too bad that modern law enforcement officers do not train to transition to other less lethal options when their CEW’s are ineffective.  Oh, wait a minute…  We do!  This geek-inspired Hackaday Internet invention is … Continue reading

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Video of the Shoot Out at a Miami-Dade Narcotics Raid

Chilling video of an ambush at a Miami-Dade Police drug raid last July was released Thursday.  Thankfully, the officers prevailed.  Suspect Gerardo Delgado died.  Det. John Saavedra was shot three times, below his ballistic vest, but survived.  Eighty pounds of marijuana and $90,000.00 were found in the house. Homeowner Luis Estevanell, who is the other suspect seen in the video, was charged with Possession of Cocaine, Trafficking in Marijuana, and Second-Degree Murder. Situational awareness can save your Applewood Smoked Bacon.  Don’t pass things you haven’t cleared (when humanly possible).  Take decisive action (when necessary).  Stay frosty. Randall

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I was the supervisor on scene when a gunfight broke out between the suspect and an officer at a wanted subject call two nights ago.  All the officers reacted appropriately and the incident eventually came to a successful conclusion.  I was proud of our troops and of the troops from the two assisting agencies that responded to help. Following the volley of gunshots (and after ducking), I had been moving some of our guys around on the perimeter, adjusting fields of fire, when I asked one of the officers to take up a position further east.  He was proned out behind a tree with his AR.  As he went to … Continue reading

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Easy on the Less Lethal…

I just got back from an armed barricaded suspect call.  Why do they always come out right at the end of shift?  I was a little taken aback when I saw that the three officers at the door to the knife-wielding suspect’s room were armed with either TASERs or a less lethal beanbag shotgun.  I made some adjustments to the personnel configuration and brought a handgun up to the door. We practice to have lethal cover with a less lethal option available when practical.  But the lethal cover should be up front, not from the guy way at the back of the stack.  When another sergeant and I did the … Continue reading

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Intrepid Networks “Sting” Police Technology

If there is one thing I have noticed that is lacking in our tactical operations and drug busts, it is a solid situational orientation to our ground assets in a fluid incident.  For example, when coordinating a buy-bust takedown you may have multiple units working within the scenario:  narcotics officers, confidential informants, SWAT members, uniformed patrol, heck, throw in a K9 team or two.  Each of these personnel has distinct function, but often no one knows exactly where the other one is in relation to the target. Intrepid Networks, with roots in Central Florida, has designed their Sting software platform as a way to increase law enforcement’s situational awareness and … Continue reading

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Video Games Can Aid Police Training

Do you wander around your house, punching out your finger-gun from the low ready, practicing room clearing?  Sure you don’t; neither do I.  And I’ve only been embarrassed about it a couple of times.  I think many of us seek out opportunities to practice our skills whenever we can. First-Person Shooter video games take us on exciting missions in exotic locales.  The danger is not real, but the format is much like a simulator for teaching search techniques.  While not a scenario trainer like, say, a FATS machine, an FPS game can give you reps in considering tactical angles and problem solving. In the confines of a video game, you … Continue reading

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