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New KA-BAR TDI Hinderance and Hell Fire Knives

I feel kind of vindicated.  I wrote an article about the original KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Knife a while back that essentially said, “Like the knife, hate the sheath.”  And I got hammered for it on a few forums.  To be fair, my article was titled, “KA-BAR TDI Knife Review: Unsafe for Duty,” so I guess I started it. But that is in the past since the updated knives have a hard plastic sheath with a sliding thumb lock to keep the blade under your control.  Well, KA-BAR has finally addressed what I thought was the shortcoming and officer safety issue. In the avalanche of booths at SHOT Show 2014, … Continue reading

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KA-BAR TDI Knife Review: Unsafe for Duty

When I arrived at work yesterday, there was some buzz about a training incident between an FTO and a recruit that had occurred earlier in the day.  It seems that it was our new recruits’ first day in the blue uniform.  Some of them were assigned to Daywatch.  After roll call, they were examined by their training officers. One of the FTO’s noticed a strange handle sticking out of the front of the recruit’s gun belt.  Yes, it was a KA-BAR TDI knife, ostensibly designed for an officer’s last ditch self defense. The FTO had never actually handled a TDI, but he had heard of them.  To demonstrate the vulnerability … Continue reading

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