Yet Another Day in the Pressure Cooker

It is almost Midnight and I just got home from a regular eight hour shift followed by just over seven hours of OT on a series of surveillance and arrests for one of our specialized units, working in conjunction with other local and Federal agencies.

I do not pull this kind of duty nearly as much as I had in days past.  It reminds me that this kind of adrenaline-infused work goes on around-the-clock in our country.  The challenges made me respect those who are on the front lines taking criminals off the street every day because the reality is that after nearly 27 years on the job I now drive a desk for the most part.  It is the way of things.

But I like keeping my skills sharp and running my part of this Op brings back memories of the hundreds of buy-busts and SWAT calls with which I was entrusted.  I could not help but noticed that after all these years, safety was still the mantra with our guys.  Protect our UC’s and keep ourselves on the “high ground.”

A few arrests and one “pursuit” later, I could relax again.  My detectives were going home safe to their families, no innocents were put in harm’s way, and the offenders will have their dates with the court.

We accomplished the mission.  All things considered, an above-average day in law enforcement.


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