Florida Open Carry Bill is Dead

Open CarryFlorida Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Miguel Diaz de la Portilla killed the open firearms carry bill (SB 200), along with the college campus carry and airport terminal carry bills.  The Miami Republican blocked all three bills from being heard in committee, effectively euthanizing them for this legislative session.

Diaz de la Portilla expressed concerns about public safety and unintended consequences of the open carry bill.  He is taking much heat from Second Amendment supporters and much praise from the pro-gun control faction.

In a previous article, I stated, “I support the citizens of Florida being licensed to exercise their Second Amendment rights and carry concealed weapons.  But I don’t think open carry makes us any safer or is a more effective deterrent to crime.  Yes, I am an NRA member.”

Although I did not support the bill from a law enforcement perspective, I do have a problem with a single, powerful senator blocking a bill from being discussed in a committee, especially when it would affect the state’s 1.5 million concealed weapons licensees.

I would not bet against an open carry bill coming back before the legislature in the next session.



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