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ArmorWorks New MOLLE Solution

ArmorWorks is a Chandler, AZ company that makes high-tech military armor protection.  While they can up-armor your HMMWV or UH-60 Blackhawk, ArmorWorks also makes personal protective rifle plates and accessories for the soldier. At the SOFIC Show, I met ArmorWorks associate director Alex Gallo.  He showed me some of his company’s latest Modular Plate Carriers, which incorporated an interesting feature:  an alternative to the standard nylon gear mounting system ArmorWorks calls their MOLLE Solution. Gallo explained that common MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment attachments are rows of nylon or canvas-type material sewn in strips across the garment.  The nylon and stitching has limited durability, as abrasion and the weight of the … Continue reading

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