Gerber Strongarm Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber Strongarm CoyoteGerber Legendary Blades as offered fixed blade knives for military use going way back to their 1966 Mark II fighter of Vietnam fame.  Focusing on the needs of the soldier in real time, Gerber’s new Strongarm knife is Made in the USA for today’s modern warriors.  This knife at SHOT Show barked SWAT use as well.

Strongarm is a full tang fixed blade of 420HC stainless steel.  420HC is easy to resharpen and holds a decent edge.  It is used in some of Gerber’s fixed blades for its toughness and durability.  Blade length here is 4.875″ and it is coated in a black ceramic.

The Strongarm stretches a measuring tape to 9.75″ from tip to pommel.  Speaking of the pommel, it is a “skull crusher” or glass breaker, depending on your mood.  It has the obligatory lanyard hole and bears witness to the full tang.   A Strongarm weighs 7.10 ounces.

Gerber Strongarm Coyote PommelHandles are a combination of rigid polymer at the hilt and butt and a tactile rubber in between.  The rubberized compound has a diamond pattern that has good grip.  It is not too hard or soft and feels like it will give lasting service.

Gerber Strongarm Black with SheathGerber designed the sheath system to accommodate both belt and MOLLE carry.  The Strongarm snaps into the plastic sheath and is backed up by a retention snap.  By design, the knife can be worn on the waist, dropped down, or placed somewhere on an external vest/plate carrier.

Gerber Strongarm Coyote in Sheath Gerber Strongarm Coyote SheathI like that Gerber proudly lettered “Made in the USA, Portland Oregon” in large font right on the blade.  The Strongarm is available in Coyote or Black and serrated or not for an MSRP of $85.99, but I saw them at one store for under $60.00.  For most users, it is plenty of knife at a fair price.


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