Miller Brothers Blades Serious Heavy Use Knives

Miller Brothers 1Miller Brothers Blades does not fool around with dainty knives.  If you think I’m kidding, watch the video at the end of the article where they pound one of their knives through 1/4″ plate steel, then cut with the same edge.  Whoa.

Miller Brothers 8With care, I handled over a dozen of their wares at Blade Show.  Each one had a scary sharp edge.  The steel for their knives is high carbon 5160.  Most of their knife profiles can be done in 1/4″ or 5/16″ steel.  The blades are black phosphate coated, which I was told treats the steel and is more durable than a powdercoat or spray on finish.

The Miller Brothers use G-10 FR4 for their handle grips (though I did see one or two cord wrapped handles).  It is available for bolting on in OD, Earth Brown, 3 Color Camo, Brown and Black, OD and Black, and custom colors.  Sheaths for the knives are made of .093″ Kydex, which is the thickest of the breed.

Miller Brothers make all their knives in Fremont, OH.  In talking to them, they came off as “shop guys” with a love of big steel.  MBB stocks some models, but said they can make any of the knives to order.  Each knife is blanked by hand, so there is no water-jetting or laser blanking here.  Prices range from around $185 for smaller knives up to $1,300 for swords and the like.

Miller Brothers 7 Miller Brothers 6 Miller Brothers 3 Miller Brothers 2Two small karambit-style prototypes shown above were made specifically for the Blade Show.

Miller Brothers 4 Miller Brothers 5The tanto above is one of the 5/16″ thick blades.  “Beefy” does not begin to describe it.


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