Vacationing Cop Wears Mil-Spec Monkey Hoodie

Hunting Whales 2Mil-Spec Monkey posted my photograph on his Facebook page wearing one of his MSM Hoodies.  Thanks, Monkey!  My wife shot this pic while we were hiking in northern California two weeks ago.  We were on a coastal trail and I had just spotted a gray whale.  Cameras up!

Satellite imagery will show that the hoodie’s sleeves bear a Mil-Spec Monkey logo patch and ThinBlueFlorida patch (made by…the Monkey).  My faithful Tactical Tailor Urban Operator Backpack (misnamed for this outing) carries the photo gear, water, snacks, and first aid (including tourniquet and QuikClot combat gauze).

What looks like a wallet in the right front jeans pocket is my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 in a Sticky Holsters pocket model.  I was glad to be carrying the Bodyguard when we took a wrong turn while walking in San Francisco.  A Spyderco Delica assumed the role of back-up piece to the S & W.

We hiked a total of 45 miles during our ten day stay in Marin County.  It was a terrific vacation that was much needed.  I try to take time off from the L.E. grind regularly.  It definitely keeps things in perspective.

Migrating Gray WhaleRandall

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