Milspec Plastics’ Cobra Cuff is NTOA Member Approved

Milspec Plastics touts their Cobra Cuffs as “the only patented double-locking, foldable, disposable restraint” on the market.  Strong, UV stabilized, and Made in the USA, the Cobra Cuff has a restraining strap riveted to the zip-tie to aid in prisoner control through leverage.  Milspec said their product has a 300+ lbs. assembled tensile strength.  Their latest press release is below.



Asheville, NC (August 2012) – Milspec Plastics, manufacturer of the patented Cobra Cuffs and distributor of additional arrest, riot control and personal security products for law enforcement, corrections, military and professional security agents, has secured a 4.88 out of 5.0 score for the Cobra Cuffs through the NTOA’s Member Tested and Recommended program.

“Upon testing and evaluating Cobra Cuffs from Milspec Plastics, I found them to be an easy-to-use, reliable and functional disposable restraint product,” a police officer from Maryland commented.

The National Tactical Officer Association Member Tested and Recommended program allows manufacturers to have their products tested in the field by the law enforcement community. Cobra Cuffs, a patented, disposable restraint system allows officer to quickly subdue suspects. The Cobra Cuffs are compact, foldable and easy to store on a MOLLE system or tactical vest. The cuffs allow the officer to quickly restrain a suspect without undue manipulation while the riveted straps provide extra leverage to control suspects. A double-lock reduces liability due to any accidental over-tightening common with standard zip ties. The tactical, pick-proof double cuff comes in a variety of colors for color coding suspects during large arrest or detainment situations. The disposable Cobra Cuffs reduce the transfer of disease by eliminating reuse. Cobra Cuffs also offers reusable Blue Trainer Cobra Cuffs for product familiarization by officers without loss of product during training.

“The Cobra Cuff’s add a whole new chapter in the book of disposable restraining devices. They are so far ahead of any other product available, that I consider them a ‘must have’ for our teams,” a police officer from California said.

Cobra Cuffs received a perfect score of 5 for design, performance, ease-of-use, size, versatility, convenience, application, comfort and accuracy. Cobra Cuffs are sold six in a pack for and MSRP of $16.98 with available colors in white, black, tan, yellow, orange,  red pink and O.D. green. Special contract pricing is available for large quantity orders or agency purchasing. For more information on Cobra Cuffs visit or “Like” us on Facebook at

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