Shotgun for Home Defense

If you don’t cruise by the website occasionally, then you are missing out on the folksy GunBlog-stylings of Jeff, Boge, and Greg Quinn.  In this video, on-air talent Jeff, whose double-pony-tailed beard is his trademark, talks about different shotgun rounds and demonstrates birdshot as a viable home defense load in a shotgun.

I am a strong proponent of the shotgun as the most devastating close quarter weapon available.  I have a Remington 870, set up with a Speedfeed III stock, Surefire light, and single point sling, that rides in the rack at my side in the CVPI while on duty.  Mossberg and Winchester 12 gauges round out my castle defense.

With lines like “It goes against everything I believe in to ruin $25 worth of good pork,”  “I don’t know anybody made of ballistic gel,” and “the dogs are gonna eat good tonight, I guess,” it constitutes Tennessee entertainment at its finest!

All funnin’ aside, I lecture the rookies on having a long gun in their car.  I am appalled at the number of modern police officers who don’t have a shotgun in their cruisers or in their personal residences.

If you are one of those goobersmoochers who don’t think the shotgun rules the roost, then watch and learn.  Or at least enjoy!


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