EliteK9.com ASAT Collar and Leads

Elite K-9 sells all manner of working K9 products.  When I was at SHOT Show earlier in the year, I stopped by their booth and met Jason Ferren.  Elite K-9, manufacturers and sellers of Police and Military K9 gear and training products, introduced the new ASAT collars and leads at the 2012 SHOT Show.

According to Elite K-9, the ASAT leads are “waterproof, mildew-proof, rot-proof,” and have a breaking strength of 750 pounds on the 3/4″ lead.  The lead remains pliable down to -20° F and is not affected by heat up to 300° F.  The ASAT collars share the same characteristics, except their breaking strength is 1500 pounds.

Elite K-9 ASAT Collar

The material in the leads and collars feels firm but comfortable for the dog and operators. I have had to replace many leather goods during my years in the K9 Unit and seeing something like this that simulates the best properties of leather, but is infinitely more durable, made me pleased.

As it happens, the guys in my K9 Unit turned in a supply requisition for some collars, leads, and harnesses from Elite K-9.  This was unsolicited by me.  Our K9 officers had ordered from Elite K-9 before.

The products arrived several months ago and I was eager to see how they would hold up.  Police K9’s and Handlers work in dirty, wet, hot, and humid conditions here in Florida.  Leather does not always give a long life in this environment.

The Elite K-9 nylon collars on our dogs have remained in exactly the same state as when they were unpackaged.  The tracking harnesses are also wearing well.  The nylon is thick and properly stitched.  They are much nicer than the thinner harnesses dogs wore years ago.

Elite K-9 provides its ASAT collars and leads not only in black, but also in tan, which cut down on the heat build-up and transfer to the dog’s neck.  This is a nice feature down here in the Sub-Tropical South.

Overall, I find their gear to be of good quality and I can recommend it.


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