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Karbon Arms Shorts Out, Concedes to TASER

The U.S. District Court, District of Delaware has awarded TASER International $2.38 million in damages from patent infringements by Tampa, FL manufacturer Karbon Arms, LLC.  Karbon Arms was also permanently restrained and enjoined from making, using, or selling any MPID or MPID-C, or any “substantial components” of their conducted electrical weapons thereof. TASER International filed its civil action against Karbon Arms in May of 2011.  TASER claimed that Karbon Arms infringed on two (later three) patents held by TASER.  In December of 2013, District Court Judge Richard Andrews cleared the way for a trial by ruling that Karbon Arms had infringed on TASER’s U.S. Patent 7,800,885.  A trial date was … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Police TASER

There is no doubt that one of the most significant technological advances in law enforcement over the last twenty years has been the development and deployment of Electronic Control Devices (EDC’s) for less lethal suspect management. The father of the modern EDC was the late Dr. John “Jack” Higson Cover, Jr., a nuclear physicist and NASA scientist.  He envisioned an electric weapon that could immobilize a person without the harm of a firearm.  In 1974, Cover patented an ECD named after the 1911 novel Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle—hence the name TASER. Cover’s original TASER Systems TF-1 was classified as an NFA Title II weapon by the BATF based … Continue reading

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Karbon Arms Touts Court Victory over Taser

In a press release on 1/30/2012, Karbon Arms, a Tampa, FL based manufacturer of electronic control devices (ECD), sent out a press release detailing what they described as a victory over Taser International’s “unethical behavior.”  Read the details below. Karbon Arms, a leader in electronic immobilization technology prevailed in the U.S. District Court. In the court filing, Taser International (NASDAQ: TASR) falsely accused Karbon Arms of violating a court ordered injunction. Karbon was vindicated of the baseless allegation by Rick Smith, Taser’s CEO, that Karbon is “seeking to evade the Court’s injunction through subversive means.” In the hearing to determine whether Karbon Arms is selling an infringing version of the … Continue reading

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