Pohl Force Mike Three and Four Outdoor Folders

Pohl Force Mike 3 and 4Dietmar Pohl has been designing knives for over a decade and a half.  He is a recognized expert in tactical knives for military and law enforcement uses and has written acclaimed books on the subject.  The knife company he founded, Pohl Force, featured two new folders at BLADE Show 2015.  These were the Mike Three and Four Outdoors.

Pohl Force’s EOD (Euro Ops Division) partnered with Italy’s Lionsteel to produce these robust knives.  The Mike Three and Four are modified versions of Pohl Force’s popular Mike One and Two.  The production of the Three and Four dialed back some of the more expensive manufacturing components and processes to bring the pricepoints down, but still maintain the quality and durability of the new Mikes.

The Mike Three and Four forgo the titanium/G10 handle in favor of hard-coated, 3D machined aluminum over a steel insert framelock.  The result gets us the same tight blade lock-up, but shaves pennies (euro coins?) off the cost.  I thought the handles had an efficient shape that felt very natural in the hand.

The satin-finished Niolox blade of the Mike Three is a spearpoint, while the Four wears a rakish tanto.  Both blades come in at 3.74″ and open via angled ambidextrous thumb disks. The guys in Maniago really put some nice grinds on the Niolox.  The feel of these knives is more custom than production.

A reversible tip-up pocket clip is made for deep carry and has a useful carbide-tipped glass breaker threaded in.  I like this standard style of clip over the Mike One and Two’s wire affair.

Pohl Force Mike 3 and 4 display Pohl Force Mike 3 and 4 Outdoors Pohl Force Mike 3 and 4 reverse Pohl Force lock Pohl Force clip Pohl Force breaker

Says Pohl Force:

With the new Mike Three and Four Outdoor Series Pohl Force fulfills the wishes of many customers offering the perfect all around knife for every day carry (EDC).  This knife can be optimally utilized for outdoor use, as well as professional applications.  The handle scales are manufactured using a ‘hard coat’ anodized aluminum which gives the necessary robustness and user friendly surface.  Precisely machined to tight tolerances the bolted steel inserts ensure a safe and wear-free operation of the Frame Lock locking system.  The 4 mm / 0.157 inch thick blade from Niolox steel comes with a fine satin finish, and gives the knife an easy to maintain surface.  In addition to the well-known Mike Spearpoint blade shape, the Mike Four Outdoor is now available with a Tanto blade.  The clip system has also been completely re-designed, the clip on the Mike Three and Four Outdoor Series is now offered with a solid stainless steel clip and an integrated glass breaker, screwed to the end of the handle.  With the new tungsten carbide glass breaker, breaking glass now finally possible with the Mike series knives.  A ParaCord lanyard with decorative metal skull assists the drawing of the knife from the holster or pocket.  The product package contains the high quality EOD Collectors Pouch, and also the new 3D Pohl Force patch.

Pohl Force Mike 3 and Mike 1

Mike One, top, Mike Three, bottom.

Phil and Sylvia from Pohl Force USA were gracious enough to spend time with me at their booth, explaining the virtues of the latest Mikes.  The Three and Four will ship in a few weeks.  Phil said the MSRP for the new Mike Three or Four, including a skull-topped lanyard and Pohl patches, will be $275.00.  That is around a hundred dollars less than the Mike One or Two.  In today’s marketplace, it is a great price for a folding knife of this elevated pedigree.



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2 Responses to Pohl Force Mike Three and Four Outdoor Folders

  1. Phil Cookson says:

    Randall, many thanks for sharing with your followers a sneak preview of the NEW Pohl Force Mike Three and Four. The article made good reading and the images did the product justice ! Pohl Force knives have truly proven themselves with European Law Enforcement professionals and I feel confident they will do well here also.

    Phil – Pohl Force USA

  2. Greg says:

    Hi all; i would like to say a thing or two about “folding” ‘knives’. Firstly i am a “He-Man” ‘Aussie’ and not from the Ole USofA. Now Australia has no 2nd Amendment or other such things down under and our politicians always seek to restrict “confrontational” behavior.
    One such thing is if someone enters your home and offers violence you are expected to evacuate your home and not defend your castle. Simply put unless you no alternative you are ‘required’ legally to let the intruder do whatever they wish unless imminent harm is unavoidable and let the legal system sort of the mess afterwards.
    One “law” that is ‘acceptable’ is if a person is “provoked” ‘beyond’ reasonable measure they are allowed to “lash out”.
    How this is applied is if someone punches you in the face you can immediately retaliate using an “appropriate” amount of force. (the courts define this as “before your passions have had time to cool off”).
    Now in America everyone over the age of 3 years old has a one handed folding pocket knife and it seems to be a required item up until some people are old enough to get a handgun. (almost no one in AussieLand) can get a handgun; it is just to complicated…
    Now in Australia owning a folding pocket knife that can be opened one handed is a serious offense, personally while i think politicians are vermin i do like that law…
    Why; imagine you are exiting the movie theater and some fool decides he does not like how your glanced at his ‘dates’ short skirt.
    He walks up and grabs you around the neck and starts to punch or wrestle you to the ground. So far the law when it arrives is on your side. Now you reach into your side pocket and flick out your one hand open knife, how will the law view that?
    Now in your heated fight or flight passion you stab him in the kidney, is that justifiable?
    I have no problem with TRAINED and PSYCHOLOGICALLY EVALUATED people having cool knives, but simply for the rest of the idiots out there it is likely to become a very very serious criminal and civil matter; very quickly…
    So while i do love my folding one hand open pocket knives I also love the law that says it is unlawful to possess a knife that can be opened one handed. Simply put it makes “good sense” in the modern world where people can no longer ‘control’ themselves and always “blame” others for their own stupid actions.
    But of course laws are “meant to be broken” and a ‘tanto’ blade is the only blade worth carrying, personally i have never met an Amazon box that can resist my EDC 😉
    Thank you blue shirts for your service and you stay safe out there, remember the best thing about your job is going home healthy after your shift…
    STAY well !!! 🙂

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