New Ruger Handguns at SHOT Show 2015 Industry Day

Sturm, Ruger & Co. had a few changes to existing platforms at SHOT this year.  Their LCR was chambered in 9mm for some increased potency while retaining its mainstream shootability.  To bolster accuracy, the LCP was granted front and rear sights.  To show off this model, one of the Ruger reps said they intentionally made the skeletonized aluminum trigger in anodized “Ruger red.”

I found the 9mm LCR to be very controllable.  As always, it is pleasant to fire.  Since it is not nearly as hammering to the hand as its .357 counterpart, I think this 9mm ballistics upgrade from .38 Spl. will be popular.  I thought the 9mm felt less sharp than some .38 +P rounds I have sent through an LCR.

Ruger LCR and 9mm moon clips Ruger 9mm Luger Ruger 9mm Ammo by HornadyIt was nice to pull the red bang switch on the LCP with front and rear sights.  I thought the rear sight was over-sized compared to the standard phosphorescent front sight, but the sights clearly made a difference in where the holes magically appeared in the paper.

Ruger LCP with Sights Ruger LCP front sight Ruger LCP rear sightWhile neither advance is a coup, both represent design evolutions to already wildly successful products.  Translation:  Ruger will sell many of these models.


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2 Responses to New Ruger Handguns at SHOT Show 2015 Industry Day

  1. Chris Sawyer says:

    I like the new sights and I noticed that you did not address the new trigger any thoughts?

    • Randall says:


      There was no change in the mechanism, so the trigger is really just cosmetic. They refer to the trigger as “wide,” but I honestly could not tell a difference. The whole shebang worked just fine.


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