SWAT Round-Up International In Orlando This Week

SWAT Round-Up InternationalI am in Orlando this week for the Florida Law Enforcement Property Recovery Unit (FLEPRU) conference.  On my way over, I just had to stop at the Orange County Sheriff’s Sheriff’s Office Range for the annual SWAT Round-Up International.  I competed here in the 1990’s and again one last time in 2006.

I visited the vendors and will post some photos of some cool stuff I saw.  In the meantime, I was able to see an old friend from my Academy days some 26 years ago.  He works out here and is doing well.

image image image image SWAT Round-Up On Deck SWAT Round-Up Leaderboard image imageI literally bumped into a guy from the Hungarian team.  Hard.  When I said, “Excuse me,” he said something unintelligible in Hungarian and grabbed me around my shoulder with a big smile on his face.  SWAT guys.  Gotta love ’em.

I watched the shooters load up in the van at the start of Event 2.  I remember being one of those guys a while back.  I am glad they are getting to take classes and compete out here.  It is a wonderful learning experience and great team building.  I have always felt that this is a week to network and sharpen your skills.

I have had a busy time and it is not over.  I have photos and information to post about the interesting things going on here this week in O-town, but I just got back from the hospitality room so I’ll be saying good night now.  Stay tuned.


Final Standings:


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3 Responses to SWAT Round-Up International In Orlando This Week

  1. Michael says:

    more photos …… please

  2. Aaron E says:

    Been a LONG time since I’ve been to this range, but it is still the best one I’ve ever shot on. Just amazing. Huge, well maintained, ranges for everything – pistol, shotgun, AR-15, sniper rifle, and explosives, and a kick ass obstacle course to boot.

    • Randall says:


      OCSO has a great training facility out there. Attending as a spectator now, I cannot for the life of me see why I was so nervous and switched on back when I was competing (sarcasm).


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