CRKT Zilla Tool Jr. Review

I carry too much stuff.  My Blackhawk MOB Bag began to weigh waayy more than it should.  I started trying to pare down its load.  A heavy full-sized multi-tool was one thing to go.  I must have at least two big pliar/knife/driver combos in the Crown Vic.  A smaller tool can make do in my daily tote.

I chose a Columbia River Knife and Tool Zilla Tool Jr. to satisfy my everyday engineering requirements.  The CRKT Zilla Jr. can turn a bolt or screw, strip wire, or cut that which needs parting.  It can perform these chores and save me a quarter pound in travel weight.

The Zilla is not a traditional folding pliar multi-tool. A spring-loaded handle separates from the body for the pliar function. Ambidextrous sliding side switches open the grip.  The Jr.’s pliar head is semi-needle nosed.  In addition to standard squeezing duties, the jaws cut and strip wire at the base.

The opposing end of Zilla has a flipper-initiated blade.  The knife is part-serrated and liner lock secured.  Its modified spearpoint blade is 2.25″ in length.  Composition is 2CR13 stainless steel, at a RH of 51-53, with CRKT’s triple point serrations.

This is the busy end of the tool, as it maintains the pocket clip and hex bit receiver.  The handle of the tool houses holders for slotted and phillips screwdriver hex bits.  These fit in the receiver at the knife’s end.

Though tough glass-filled nylon scales cover its stainless steel liners, the Zilla Tool Jr.’s intent is more general utility as opposed to hard use.  The smaller blade and hex bits bear this out.  The Jr. is nearly an inch shorter and 4.8 oz’s lighter compared to CRKT’s big Zilla tool.

I take the Zilla Tool Jr. with me in my pack when hiking and also in my seat bag when cycling.  On either trail, it augments the necessities I already have at hand without being a burden. The bead blasted version of the Zilla Tool Jr. can be found on-line for around $25.00.  The Black Oxide version I have goes less than $30.00..

My daily carry bag supplements a whole lot more equipment that I have available..  That said, this little Zilla Tool Jr. is always at hand for quick fixes.


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