ThinBlueFloridaHi, folks, Randall here.  I’m sorry that I have not been around as much as usual.  My real job became much busier with a lieutenant’s assessment (I didn’t get it), an Internal Affairs sergeant assessment (I didn’t get it), some assorted projects in Property and Economic Crimes, and prepping for my department’s CALEA on-site for Gold Standard accreditation (whew).

We have been working with other county police agencies to update our secondhand dealers to the new state law changes for their businesses.  Dealers will now be required to photograph property in the transactions; increase the holding period for precious metals or gems, jewelry, antiques, artworks, or goods purchased through an automated kiosk to 30 days; and change some of their storage procedures.

If you saw my article on the Riggs Shield, we had a visit from the vendor.  My department is considering purchasing one for each marked police car through Local Option Sales Tax money.  I am helping to work up a test and evaluation period for the shields.

And in the last several weeks, some dear friends of mine have retired from our agency.  I have known them all for nearly 30 years and the collective loss of experience to the department is staggering.  But the parties were good…

With any luck, things will cool down and I’ll be here a little more.  I have been toying with re-posting some of the more popular articles from the last four years, since they can get lost in the maelstrom of the Internets!

Things seem to have gotten more dangerous on the streets.  Stay safe and watch your partners’ backs.


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