Boydd’s Pat-Down Props

imageBoydd’s Products, Inc. will sell you a bag of “gold” that can help you with your trolls.  Boydd’s Pat-Down Props are injection-molded, non-functioning replica weapons and contraband used for realistic search training.  Raise your hand if your agency trains with crappy BB guns and busted knives with taped blades.  Yeah, it happens.

Used by the FBI Academy, DEA Academy, FLETC, Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Probation and Parole, all major branches of the U.S. Military, and hundreds of state and local agencies, Pat-Down Props are safe, cost effective, and highly useful.

A Single Pack of Pat-Down Props arrives in a carry bag that contains 16 plastic items ranging from a razor blade and syringe to a small semi-automatic pistol and cell phone.  The props are gold in color for visual identification and so that they are easy to find if your zealous ex-Special Forces guy hides them really, really well.  Each pack also comes with a metallic tape that can be applied to any of the weapons or contraband so that they may be used for metal detector training.

Contents of a Single Pack include:

1 – Compact Pistol
1 – Compact Revolver
1 – Loaded Pistol Mag
1 – Open Blade Pocket Knife
1 – Closed Pocket Knife
1 – Brass Knuckles
1 – Civilian Pepper Spray
1 – Mini Box Cutter
1 – Marijuana Pipe
1 – Meth Pipe
2 – Syringes
1 – Scissors
1 – Screwdriver
1 – Razor Blade
1 – Flip Cell Phone
1 – Drawstring Carrying Bag
1 – Strip of Metallic Tape to Enhance Metal Detector Training

Having many differently-shaped objects reinforces the need for officers to proficiently identity each piece through the sense of touch for both officer safety and sound investigative practice.  “Plain feel” is an important search and seizure doctrine in the Sunshine State.  Pat-Down Props and equivalents teach effective habits.

image imageA Single Pack can be purchased for $179.00.  A Double Pack is currently $339.00.  Boydd’s Academy Pack has four times the items for $645.00.  Pat-Down Props are made in Ontario, California.  Bonus!  Wait, there’s more.  Pat-Down Props ship free in the USA.

I am a strong believer in good training.  Good meaning operationally impactful.  Learn to live, live to learn.  Boydd’s reminds us that no or poor searches constitute one of Law Enforcement’s Ten Deadly Sins.  My suggestion to our training officers will be to look into Pat-Down Props.



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