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Crimson Trace Lasergrip LG-405’s For Your BUG Revolver

Most cops are not gun guys or gals.  I know from talking to them.  I was showing my unloaded Smith & Wesson 442 Centennial Airweight back-up gun to a co-worker, when a few others happened into the office. “How does it turn on? ”  “Is it accurate?”  “Are they expensive?”  I felt like I was showing them a Ray Gun from 1950’s science fiction.  “Careful, lads, it’ll blast a hole clean through that wall!” I run Crimson Trace Lasergrips on my Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers.  My choice is the LG-405, which has slightly shorted hind quarters when compared to the longer gripped LG-305.  The smaller butt on the 405 … Continue reading

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Police Back-Up Revolver

Predominantly, I carry a back-up revolver on duty.  I have tried auto-pistols in calibers ranging from .380 ACP up to .40 S&W cal.  None of them quite fit my criteria is several ways. Of the autos I own or have tested, the .380’s always seemed too small (in the hand) and a .40 was too much gun (a brick on the ankle).  I want something concealed carry size, but one on which I can find sure purchase.  Grip size and carry considerations are at the forefront of my personal selection process. Besides these, I am concerned about the functioning of a semi-automatic in a truly close quarters fight.  Revolvers fire … Continue reading

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