New Heckler & Koch P30SK Pistol

imageHeckler & Koch announced a SubKompact version of their popular P30 pistol at this week’s NRA Annual Meeting.  The new double-stack 9mm handgun is designated the P30SK.  SK, get it?

P30SK has dimensions similar to a Glock 26/27.  The HK is 6.42 inches in length, 4.57 inches high, and 1.37 inches wide.  Bullets are launched from a 3.27 inch barrel.  Weight is tallied as 23.99 ounces.

The SubKompact can have a DA/SA trigger or HK’s Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) DAO “light strike V1” trigger at a light 5.4 ounce pull.  The DA/SA is available with and without the ambidextrous safety/decocking levers.  Dual slide releases are worn by all versions.

Six lateral grip panels and three different backstraps make for a fully customizable handshake, which has proven to be a popular feature with today’s consumers.

imageHeckler & Koch gave the P30SK a magazine capacity of 10.  Mags are unseated via ambidextrous release levers at the trigger guard.  It is possible the P30SK will be able to feed from a P30’s 15 round magazine.imageUnlike the Austrian double-stacker, the P30SK has a shorty Picatinny rail up front for your target acquisition enhancements.  I sometimes wish my Glock 27’s had this option.

Heckler & Koch put a suggested retail price of, gulp, $719.00 for its P30SK.  These pistols are expected to ship in June 2015.



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3 Responses to New Heckler & Koch P30SK Pistol

  1. That is one cool gun, really love that that light is below so its not blocking the site.

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  3. Michael Case says:

    This is one good looking gun. I bought it specifically for how it looks.

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