Sniper Tryouts Are Today!

SWAT is holding sniper tryouts today.  I’ve never attended a sniper tryout, so this was an eye-opener.  Ah, the human suffering.  We had three candidates who were scored on marksmanship, physical ability, intelligence gathering, communication, teamwork, and attitude.  Real life stress cannot be simulated, so physical exertion and problem solving substituted.

A hundred yard slow sniper crawl with a broom for a long gun, berm runs with “boxes of pain” (cases of ammo), endless calisthenics, and a healthy dose of verbal berating made for much fun for the assessors and no fun for the candidates.

It was a very full day.  All the candidates put forth tremendous efforts.  After witnessing this 10 hour circus of misery, I now officially have a new found respect for our sniper/observer teams.  Just don’t tell them I said so.


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