Open Firearms Carry Wastes Officers’ Time

I saw this on another blog and it reminded me that there are conservative factions attempting to legalize open carry in Florida. In the densely populated, urban county in which I live, I fear that dwindling police services will have resources drained by these types of calls for service from alarmed citizens. This video is an example of two guys just trying to waste the officers’ time with obstructive discourse.

Nice job by the officer. Yeah, we don’t always articulate things perfectly. Just the same, he is courteous and professional in the face of the amateur armed “confrontationalists.” The officer’s function check of what he discovered to be a .22 cal. HK MP5 A5 made me smile, as had I run through some function checks of my old MP5 at SWAT training the other night. I like how the officer maintained control of the interaction and then ended it with some PR.

I support the Second Amendment, but as a law enforcement officer in a population of nearly a million in a congested area, I feel a little cautious about proposed open carry. With police staffing levels as low as they are, this kind of nuisance call is dangerous and prevents us from responded where we are really needed.


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