Revision Military Announces Batlskin Modular Head Protection

Revision Military has sent out a press release debuting their new Batlskin Modular Head Protection.  This gear may seem pricey, but I think it will be the future of helmets for the Military and SWAT teams.  As with most new technology, the cost per unit will probably come down as there are advances in materials and production processes.  I think this will be a more common look in ten years.


Essex Junction, VT, USA (May 4, 2012) – Revision Military, a world leader in
protective soldier solutions, announces the much anticipated retail debut of its Batlskin
Modular Head Protection System. Designed for use with the Advanced Combat Helmet
(ACH), the system is now available for purchase by active duty military and Law
Enforcement Officers (LEO) within the U.S. and Canada. Initial size offerings
accommodate the ACH helmet’s two most common sizes: Medium and Large, with
Small and X-Large sizing available this summer. Comprised of the Front Mount,
Mandible Guard and Visor, the Batlskin System provides full protection from blunt
force, blast and ballistic threats with lightweight wearability for peak performance.

“The Batlskin System is a modular solution that lets the soldier armor up or down
depending on the imminent threat level. It provides additional, life-saving protection
when needed with the ability to quickly doff components once no longer necessary,”
explains Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “We’re pleased to extend this level of
protection to individual soldiers and law officers who operate in harm’s way.”

Available now, the following ACH-compatible Batlskin components can be purchased at
Revision’s online store and through select military retailers across the U.S.: the Batlskin
Front Mount (MSRP $89.99); the Batlskin 3-Position Visor (MSRP $279.99); and the
Batlskin High-Threat Mandible Guard (MSRP $479.99).

Revision’s Batlskin solution uniquely addresses the soldier’s need for a single,
integrated head protection system that’s scalable and adaptable to the realities of
modern warfare. More specifically, the Batlskin System enables the soldier to “up
armor” his basic ACH helmet shell by adding a ballistic visor, mandible guard, or both.
This allows the warfighter to adopt the ideal balance between enhanced protection and
lethality.The Batlskin Multipurpose Front Mount is the cornerstone of the Batlskin Head
Protection system. It is a robust and lightweight universal NVG mount that triples as the
visor dock and mandible guard attachment point. It offers greater stability than current
NVG mounts with a 3-point helmet attachment assembly AND it provides the
mechanism for mounting advanced protective equipment.

The Batlskin High-Threat Mandible Guard provides lightweight blunt force, blast and
ballistic protection for the lower jaw. Its durable, low-profile design is engineered for
rapid attachment and removal while on the run. It can be donned with or without the

The Batlskin Three-Position Visor is an optically correct face shield that can be worn
one of three ways from maximum coverage to maximum breathability: locked, vented or
up. It is designed to provide maximum field-of-view and can be worn with or without the
Mandible Guard. It is scratch, fog and chemical resistant.

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