DeSantis Mag-Packer Pocket Magazine Carrier Review

Last night I went for a casual dinner with my wife.  I wear either jeans or slacks when we go out.  Not wanting to feel like I am equipped with a duty belt, I pocket carried my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380.  Inexpensive, functional pocket holsters are available from makers such as Galco, Uncle Mike’s, and DeSantis.  But how to bring along more bullets…

DeSantis Holster and Leather Goods of Amityville, NY, makes the Mag-Packer carrier, which solves the reload dilemma when you are dressed to tactically relax (heh, heh, heh).

I was in the bad habit of dropping a spare magazine or revolver speed strip into my support side front pocket.  Not quite so bad, when compared to some of my associates who will leave the house without a reload.  Still, it’s not good.

While the gun and holster always ride alone in their pocket for safety’s sake, I may deposit car keys or spare change on the other side with my extra ammo. I want the magazine or speed strip oriented so I don’t have to fish for it.

DeSantis’ Mag-Packer stands the magazine up so it stays in the same position in the pocket at all times.  It houses the magazine at roughly a thirty degree cant.  The Mag-Packer is ambidextrous by flipping it over.

The cut of the Mag-packer is lower on the side where you would want your finger to index on the base of the mag.  When pulling up on the magazine, the higher cut side grabs the material inside the pocket so you come away with the bullet holder and not its holster.  This overall outline makes it comfortable because it won’t dig into your lower abdomen when you are seated.

Mag-Packer’s outer sheath is made of the same stippled and rubberized material as used in their original Nemesis pocket holsters.  The inner lining is nylon material that will not inhibit drawing the contents.

Sized to fit firearms magazines from double-stacked full framed Glock all the way down to the .25 ACP single-stack Beretta Jetfire, DeSantis’ Mag-Packer is certainly versatile.  I bought one for 9mm/.40 cal. single stacks and one for .25 /.32/.380 cal. magazines.

I like that the Mag-Packer covers the exposed bullet and magazine feed lips.  Some magazines will shuck out the unprotected top round into your pocket.  This holster will also keeps debris out of the magazine to ensure it will function without hesitation.

If your pocket carry choice is a revolver, a Bianchi Speed Strip or Tuff Products Tuff Strip with .38 cal. rounds will fit in the 9mm/.40 cal. Mag-Packer.  Again, it will prevent the reload from getting tangled up with other items.  As a bonus, the Mag-Packer is handy for keeping a folding knife upright in your pocket for those times when clip-carry is undesirable.

DeSantis Gunhide makes holsters and accessory products in their Long Island, NY plant.  The Mag-Packer sells for around $18.00.  My reload dilemma has been solved!


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