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Police Field Training and Natural Selection

I am no longer an active Field Training Officer, but I am now in charge of them on my shift.  As an FTO supervisor, I had the duty this week of accepting the resignation of one of our recruit officers.  It’s part of our natural selection. For the last twenty-plus years, I have been involved in this drill in one capacity or another.  We hire a nice kid, see him/her through the Academy, mold them further during department familiarization, then introduce them to the real job in a field training car.  Percentages vary class by class, but generally anywhere from 10-50% of our recruits do not make it to being … Continue reading

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Update to the Rookie

A few months ago, I wrote about a rookie cop on our squad who was undergoing the trial-by-fire that can be Midnight Shift. The final four days of his one year probationary period were last week. On the fourth night, he seemed a little overwhelmed. Our business was heavy and the manpower was short. The New Guy went call to call for the whole ten hours and into OT without a break or meal. I ended up on most of his dispatches. Early on, he assisted with arresting the suspect at a bar fight. He came back in service from that to handle a domestic battery in one of our … Continue reading

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