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Easy on the Less Lethal…

I just got back from an armed barricaded suspect call.  Why do they always come out right at the end of shift?  I was a little taken aback when I saw that the three officers at the door to the knife-wielding suspect’s room were armed with either TASERs or a less lethal beanbag shotgun.  I made some adjustments to the personnel configuration and brought a handgun up to the door. We practice to have lethal cover with a less lethal option available when practical.  But the lethal cover should be up front, not from the guy way at the back of the stack.  When another sergeant and I did the … Continue reading

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Emergency Medical Conditions and the Law Enforcement Response

We had two officers injured in a fight this week with a person refusing medical treatment at a local hospital.  The situation highlighted what can be a gray area for the police officer, which is the question of when to provide hands on assistance in the involuntary detainment of medical patients. In debriefing the troops, we found that there was confusion with some of the officers over an “incapacitated person” verses a Baker Act when it comes to dealing with uncooperative patients–either on the street or at a hospital facility. From the Department of Children and Families legal information of Emergency Medical Conditions: “Chapter 401.455, F.S. governs situations when an … Continue reading

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Morphix Technologies Chameleon Chemical Detector Review

Morphix Technologies has released a seven minute training video which gives some simple statistics and dangers about Meth Labs.  The video also addresses Morphix’s Chameleon Chemical Detector, one of their products for detecting hazardous chemicals by first responders.  I got my hands on a Chameleon kit for testing in October. The Morphix Chameleon is a chemical detection unit that is worn on the forearm or attached by Velcro to the uniform of a first responder.  The purpose of the kit is to provide an officer, firefighter, or soldier with immediate visual identification of the presence of hazardous gases. A passive detector, the Chameleon has ten windows, called cassettes, which change … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Dangers in a Chemical Suicide Response

On Monday in Boston, a BU pharmacology grad student committed suicide by lethal chemical.  Police and Fire department personnel responding to the apartment at 676 Massachusetts Ave. were in danger from highly toxic sodium azide, which has effects similar to cyanide.  Four police officers and two EMT’s were taken to the hospital for exposure to the chemical. I had just written an article on April 2 about a dangerous malathion suicide attempt, where first responders needed medical attention.  Last June, I wrote an article for BlueSheepdog called Chemical Suicides–A Safe Response.  I thought it very important to post that article on ThinBlueFlorida for obvious officer safety reasons. Police officers respond … Continue reading

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Proposed Indiana Castle Doctrine Allows for Killing Police Officers

Updated 3/23/2012:  It was signed into law by Gov. Daniels. Updated 3/9/2012:  SB 1 was passed by the Senate and the House and will be sent to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.  See the end of the article for further. If you have not been following the legal machinations in the State of Indiana over Castle Doctrine, you need to read the appalling proposed “legislation” that is Indiana Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) 2012.  This bill passed the Indiana House 74-24 in a vote last week and was returned to the Indiana Senate with amendments. Sections (h)(i),(j), SB-1 from the Indiana General Assembly: (h) A person is justified in using reasonable … Continue reading

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Police Profiling for Officer Safety

I was driving to work last night in my personal car.  My route takes me through a relatively rundown section of the city where I work.  I always tend to scan around as I drive, which sometimes prompts my wife to say, “Stop patrolling!” On this night, I saw some people walking around and from the anonymity of my own car, I thought about the nature of my observations as a citizen verses those of a law enforcement officer.  A red light stopped me at a cross street. A young black male was walking up to the intersection.  I gave him the once over:  baggy black basketball shorts, loose black … Continue reading

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