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New GPS Tracking Device Law in Florida

Oh, the Relentless March of Technology!  In a previous article, I wrote about Florida’s brand new Revenge Porn Statute.  Another recent piece of legislation is F.S.S. 934.425, which addresses the illegal use of electronic tracking devices. Four months ago, my Cyber Crimes detectives and I examined a GPS tracker that a victim said she found underneath her vehicle.  The suspect was her jealous soon-to-be-ex-husband.  She believed that he surreptitiously place it on the underside of her car’s frame rail to “spy on her.”  I will not discuss why here, but the facts and circumstances of the case precluded criminal charges, the new legislation notwithstanding. At the time of our report, … Continue reading

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Police GPS Tracking Requires Search Warrant

On 1/23/2012, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled in the 2005 case of the United States vs. Antoine Jones (10-1259).  The High Court held that the attachment of a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device to an individual’s vehicle, and the subsequent use of that device to monitor the movements of the vehicle on public streets, constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment and requires a search warrant. Yawn.  Many police agencies already obtain a search warrant before using a GPS to track a suspect’s vehicle.  While paranoid liberals out there cheer the “landmark” decision, it is fair to note a few under-reported things about U.S. vs. Jones.

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