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Blackhawk! Blades Kalista and Kalista II Knife Review

Back when he was working for Blackhawk! Products Group, Michael Janich designed a number of tactical knives such as the Be-Wharned, Tatang, and the Kalista.  Janich left Blackhawk! in late 2009 to become Spyderco’s Special Projects Manager. Janich brings a vast amount of expertise to the personal defense game, and this is especially true in knife combatives.  His grasp of blade training and implementation seems to directly influence the construction and dimensions of his knife designs.  Further, Janich’s base of knowledge affects the performance of his knives in the hand. One of Janich’s contributions to Blackhawk!’s fixed blade line-up is the Kalista.  Roughly, a Kalista would be a practitioner of … Continue reading

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