Lake Wales Police Officers Shot

imageNews agencies are reporting that two Lake Wales police officers have been shot while responding to an “active shooter” incident.  The Lake Wales Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s Office have a suspect in custody.  A PCSO spokesperson stated no one “was seriously or critically injured” at the call.  Neighbors on Hillside Avenue said there had been numerous gunshots from the area.  I hope the officers will make a full recovery…


Update:  This was a straight-up ambush.  Suspect John Goepferich called 911, saying there was someone shooting in his house.  When Ofc’s John Schwartze and Benjamin Metz arrived, they were hit by gunfire from Goepferich’s 9mm pistol.  In all, the suspect shot at 12 LEO’s.  Five Lake Wales officers returned fire, striking the suspect.  Ofc’s Schwartze and Metz suffered non-life threatening injuries, as did Goepferich.  Goepferich is facing 12 counts of attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer.  Good work by the officers surviving and prevailing in this cowardly attack.

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    This is becomming way too common of an event! Heads on a swivel brothers and sisters. Stay safe!

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