Shooting at FSU

FSU Police PatchI had something of an emotional reaction when I heard about the shooting at Florida State University this morning.  It was a tragedy in a place I once called home.  You see, I graduated from FSU in the mid-1980’s.  Strozier Library sits on Landis Green east of Landis and Deviney Residence Halls, where I lived for many years.  Strozier was my second home.

After something as traumatic as a school shooting, we tend to hear people ask, “Why?”  They want a rational explanation in an attempt to seek closure.  My feeling is that the “why” is unimportant.  There is no rational explanation for violence targeting the innocent and defenseless.  “Why” won’t heal the wounded or bring back the dead.

My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and their families, as well as the shaken student body and staff.  I am sure that disbelief and a sense of a loss of security are being felt by those in Tallahassee right now.  Time will eventually dull those feelings.

My thanks go out to the Florida State University Police Department for their quick response to the incident.  I am sure TPD and LCSO were en route as well.  We all train for such a call.  Glad you guys were there when it came out.



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