Stormdrane’s Venom Mochibag

Venom MochibagIt should come as no surprise that The Original Mochibrand would call upon Stormdrane to collaborate on a custom drawstring backpack.  Stormdrane is a wizard at conjuring eye-pleasing and functional ropecraft.  His website has been in my blogroll since I started.  I am pretty sure that somewhere he has a magical staff bearing a paracord chain sinnet wrap secured by a Turk’s head knot above and below.

Mochibrand, aka Mochibag, has been in the drawstring backpack business since 2009.  Their mission was to upscale the simple bag into a premium carryall with such features as their trademarked Channel-Anchored Drawstrings, Easy Pull-Open Handles, and a True Side-Seam Zip Pockets.

Stormdrane’s limited edition Venom Mochibag is black with blood red accents.  Stormdrane’s name rides on the right side of the pack; Mochibrand’s logo is on the left.  Ultralight utility ropes in black and red support the cargo area.  On top, the carry handle is black cobra-weaved paracord with a repeating V stitched in red.  Neat!  A small piece of knotted red paracord hangs as a zipper pull.

Venom Mochibag handle Venom Mochibag logo Venom Mochibag fullMochibag’s Channel-Anchored Drawstrings maintain an equal length with the bag’s maw opened or closed so you don’t fumble with cinching lines up and down to even the balance.  The Venom’s exterior is water resistant polyurethane-coated 100% nylon. All other ropes, cords, buckles, grommets, and straps are of highest quality.  Zippers are YKK.  The full sized Mochibag is 20″ tall and 17″ wide.  Its scaled down slim relative measures 17″ tall by 14″ wide.

According to the company, “Mochibag comes from the word ‘Mochila’ which is the Spanish and Portuguese translation for bag, backpack, and sack, as the Mochibag idea was first conceived during an extended travel through the Caribbean and northeastern shores of Brazil.  Mochi is also the name of an Asian rice cake and pastry filled with goodies. We started calling our bags ‘Mochibags’ because the bags were shaped like a mochi.  So, Mochibags are drawstring backpacks by Mochibrand®.  Mochibrand is our brand name.”

Stormdrane’s design aesthetic made the Venom a visually striking and cool drawstring backpack.  Mochibrand builds it, in the USA, to last.  MSRP for your very own limited edition Venom is $50.00.  Stormdrane swings by here at TBF for the occasional shout-out.  Support a Brother!


(photos:  Mochibrand)

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