U.S. Fire Arms ZiP Pistol

The U.S. Fire Arms ZiP pistol blurs the line between toy and real gun. We recently received a safety BOLO for this odd looking .22 cal. LR handgun. It uses Ruger 10/22 magazines. The ZiP can certainly be mistaken for a futuristic toy gun. I wouldn’t want to get hit with 10 CCI Stingers out of this thing, though!

The largely polymer ZiP has a 5.25″ barrel and is 7.5″ long overall. The action is single action, striker fired. Its reported weight is just under 16 ounces.

The ZiP pistol can also be configured as a short-barreled rifle with the add-on stock. They call the modification a BattleZiP Survival SBR (ATF SBR license required).

I have read the ZiP is supposed to be shipping currently. MSRP for the basic black gun is around $199. The ZiP is designed, engineered, and made in the USA.

This may be a look into innovative gun designs for new generations. Although I think it has a Lego-ish appearance, it is important to know the thing fires real bullets.


Part Two and Shooting the ZiP Here

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